Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hair Diary!

Mapping out my plan for my next wash. I think I want to incorporate Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor just to get my protein in , as I have not used it in a while. I dusted my hair, for the first time today, and bc my hair is in layers, there naturally were little sprigs that weren't "raggedy" or "split" but I just cut them as well anyway. It left my hair feeling softer, and it seemed to even move a little easier,Yes I was whipping my hair back and forth. lol.

Also I know I said I would do an entire year with braids challenge, but I have scared myself out of it. I am afraid of breakage so i think I will scratch that, and make it a year wigging challenge...that should be hella easy and problem free lol.

But back to this wash... I just used heat on my hair about 3 days ago, so i think I will stretch my next wash for 2 weeks...unless my scalp tells me otherwise.

In Hairlista Facebook Group we have started up another Castor Oil challenge so I will be doing this twice a week. Have any of you guys ever used MN (Miconazole Nitrate) as a growth aide?? Some of the girls swear by it, and the junkie in me is itching to try it.

Anywho let me get off of here & contemplate this next wash...

CoWash w/ V05 Clarifying Conditioner
Let Aphogee sit for 5 minutes
D/C with Megasilk Hair Mayonnaise (45 min) (That is a protein you think that is too much protein)
Let air dry and wrap up as I will be wigging.

ALSO!!! I am feeling really special now...I pretty much have converted my FB page to ALL THINGS HAIR!!! && at first ppl kinda teased me about it...but that died off and I pretty much get a few likes here and there but nothing much. Well a few weeks ago I found out that a friend began her Relaxed Hair Care Journey bc of MOI!!!! YAYYYYY...and today I posted my last length chk pic and announced that I will be concealing my length until 12/31/2012 and this girl says NOOOOO Don't make us wait that long *blushing* I said "I honestly didn't think ppl were following or even cared lol" and she said "WELL I DEFINITELY DO" awww that just warmed my little heart :-)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Did I Just????

Yes I did.
Yesterday I relaxed my wasn't planned...and I was only 9 weeks post my last relaxer...I was attempting to flat iron my hair...and noticed that over 50% of my hair was "texlaxed" & I could see the different textures after straightening 1/4th of my I thought "If I keep stretching while I am already under-processed, then I will eventually just be texlaxed" sooo without a second thought I grabbed my half container of Motions, and went to work. I quickly oiled my scalp with Castor oil, and I had about half an inch of new growth, but because my main target was the previous under-processed areas I applied the relaxer almost all over my whole strand. I then parted each section and slide my fingers over it (thumb & index) to smooth it out. It turned out fairly well...except the last section I did, still looks under-processed when wet, but flat ironing it, it looked just peachy :-)
Next relaxer still set for April...that will be a professional relaxing and getting ends clipped...Im afraid that I haven't much retention, I protective style 100% of the time, but when I am bunning, I still have to brush my hair up in a bun almost daily....and when I was doing the black tea rinses my hair seemed "rougher" and seemed to break I'm really just feeling blahh about my hair right now :-(....I may go get my ends clipped Friday, just to see the damage that was done and get the fear out of the way lol.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Non Hair Related Post-

2011 has not been a very exciting year for me. The make up of this year pretty much is, take kids to school, go home, pick them up, go home, take kids to karate, go home...sleep...wake up & do it alll over again, then on weekends add in work :-/

My very bah-hum-bug life has rubbed off on me, seeing that I go nowhere, I never take the time to dress up, every now & then I will throw on some make up, but outfits, pretty much consist of jeans & tshirts, my aweful floral print babydoll flats, or scrubs. I have even fell in love with Pajama Jeans, and swear had they not been $40, I would probably own 5 pair, just to wear everyday!!! LOL

Well I read a fellow Lista & follower on Twitter's bio which read
"Always dress like you are going to see your worst enemy"

& thought...I must make this my theme for 2012!!! You can be fashionably cute & comfortable, I just need to take the initiave....I don't even think I've been to the mall this year... HORRIBLE!!

First & foremost I need to think of a challenging yet obtainable workout regimen, I would love my worst enemy to see me 15-20 lbs lighter.

Secondly, every pay period I must by myself at LEAST one item of clothing, whether it be shoes, lingerie ;-), tops, dresses, ect. WHATEVER!!

Also I HAVE to step outside of my comfort zone...I am not a fashion forward chick, I love to look cute, but my style is pretty basic...either Im in a dress & jewlery w/ round toe 5 in stilettos, OR I'm in skinny jeans, a cute blouse, tank, or baby tee with round toe stilettos, or snow boots...or baby doll flats lol...I don't know how to layer, combine, or mix & match. I figure I can surf YT channels or Pinterest for new ideas, but my plan is when I go to buy me something IT CAN NOT BE MY TYPICAL WEAR!!! I need FASHION in my life, not just clothing, BORING!!!
Hopefully I can start adding OOTD pics up as well as hair pics too & yall can witness me 1st hand, getting my ish together!! LOL

So cheer my on you guys & send prayers up for me...Shay has GOT TO get her groove back :-D


Thursday, December 22, 2011

December's Look!!!

December's wig is Monaco Girl by Freetress!!! I love her, she suits me just perfect :-)) Today I have her pulled in a side ponytail looking fab...but my pics al came out crappy!!! lol!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dedicated To Newbies

Excuse the blahhh appeal that this post may carry, I am submitting it from my phone.

This post is dedicated to my fellow "newbies" I consider myself a Junior newbie lol, while I have learned a lot in my 5 months of hair care, I'm still learning A LOT!!

During this journey I have experimented with products, but listening to others & focusing on health & length, I've been afraid to try new products, forcing myself to stick to ONE LINE!!!

It just hit me, newbies, we should not focus so much on obtaining length w/in the 1st year, as we should be getting acquainted with & learning to love our hair. I know it's exciting but just think beginning your HHJ is the 1st step, as ling as u are caring for your hair, no matter how many set backs you have, it will grow & be healthy. I started off excited about the journey & just realized that the excitement had already fizzled out of fear of doing something wrong. The most important part of the HHJ is the "J" enjoy the journey...enjoy your hair :-))


Saturday, December 17, 2011

African American with Indian Hair???

Hi all!!! This post is about MY choice of wigs over weaves. When watching Chris Rock's "Good Hair" doc, there is one line that still to this day (after 3 years) that sticks to me...and rubs me the wrong way, "You are african american with indian hair" (or something along that line). To me I visualized me, braiding my own hair down, covering my african american hair with indian hair, as if my hair own wasn't good enough to show off. I felt that way 3 years ago, before even starting an HHJ. It was then when I became anti-weaves/ human hair. To me, when I cover my hair with synthetic wigs, it feels like it is just a hat to cover my hair, but when I spend $300 to install some other nationalities hair on top of my hair, it just rubs me the wrong way, I feel like I am disrespecting my hair, in the sense of saying what I was born with is not pretty enough. Why choose their hair over my own, with wigs, I feel like I am not choosing "hair" moreso a hair style....whether it be long, short, curly, straight. I have seen girls "brag" about the type of weave they have whether it be "Indian, Malaysian" or whatever they have now days, I'm just thinking...and what about YOUR hair??

Don't get me wrong I know sew ins are a protective style, and I respect that. If you choose sew ins over wigs, I highly suggest you spend that kind of money on that kind of hair, bc trust me nothing is more infuriating than spending $150 on an install, with hair that will tangle in 3 weeks (been there) lol.

My thoughts regarding the matter is mainly aimed at those, who do not properly care for their hair, yet keep a weave in, not for protective reasons but moreso to look good. You know those, that keep a weave in year after year and you catch them at the salon with a lil nub of a pony tail??? #WhyTho?? LOL

This post is not targeted at anyone, or to make anyone feel inferior about their choices. Although I'm sure noone who is reding this blog has a little "nub" of a ponytail...and if they do, they're ready to make a change TODAY!!! & I commend you for that :-)

This is just a reflection of why I choose wigs over weaves...and the answer is simply "I feel uncomfortable wearing other humans hair....when I have my own" :-)


Friday, December 16, 2011

2012 Goals!!!

Okay so I have decided to plan out my year (hair wise) My goal is to wear protective styles 100% of the time, throughout the entire year...and do a length reveal @ midnight on Jan 1, 2013!!!

Minor dilemmas...My hunny & I will be celebrating our 5th Anniversary in October, he is super happy about me deciding to grow my hair out (he says weaves are palyed out) I would like to wear my hair out that night for him...but that is so close to Dec...if anyone saw my length then they wouldnt really be in awe come time for my length reveal :-(

Oh well I will figure it out!

This is my hair schedule =-)

Jan-March: Braids

April: Relax

April-May: Bun/Wig

June-September: Braids

October: Relax

November-Dec: Wig/Bun

Jan: LENGTH REVEAL!!!!!!!!


Do you guys have any plans for this upcoming year? What are your hair goals???

Silk Elements MegaSilk Intense Mayo- Review

So I actually purchased this on accident, as this is a protein, I intended to buy the moisturizing DC....anywho I used this, applied as I would a relaxer (i always do this) let it sit for 45 minutes....OMG it left my hair so I've never had my hair feel so soft before. 1st impression, I loved how the mayo, feels itself, its super creamy and it smells nice!! I loved how it felt ON my hair...and how it left my ahir love. I am convinced that the Silk Elements Megasilk line is all that I need =-)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Wash Day With Shay!!!

I cowashed with V05 Clarifying Conditioner, my hair truly loves this stuff!!

I allowed V05 Spit Ends Anti Breakage to sit on my hair as I washed off in the shower!  Rinsed it out before exiting out of the shower.I then sectioned my hair in four parts & applied Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Mask with a applicator brush as I would a relaxer.After applying mask to each section I twisted each section up & placed a plastic cap on & a a stocking cap over that. I let it sit for 2 hours while I cooked, cleaned, ect, then 30 minutes under the dryer & rinsed it out. Moisturized with Care Free Curl. Sprayed Chi Iron Guard heat protectant         & blow dried each section.  Then flat ironed each section, using only a pin drop amount of Cantu Shea Butter Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment, to my ends only. This is my results!!!!! Last Length Check for 2011 & officially SL!!!! 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

RELAX & Let it Grow.

Being apart of many hair forums, groups, sites ect. and seeing many begin their transitions to becoming natural, many motivated by other group members, I often thought of it myself. It truly bothered me as to why I wouldn't do it, aside from the fact that my husband wouldn't like it very much, what was it in I truly dependant upon my hair? Am I victim of "self hate"? When I tell you that this bothered me....IT REALLY DID BOTHER ME!!! lol...Today combing my hair into a high bun it just hit me: "I LOVE CHEMICALLY STRAIGHTENED HAIR!!!" (this is literally the sentence that went through my head) LOL. I simply love it, I love my hair just the way it is. I was relaxed at 5 (nothing to brag about, but it's the truth) this is how I know and love my hair. I stretch my relaxers so I have an idea of my curl pattern or "type", but it just is what it is, I love straight hair. Not to say that I don't like natural hair, bc I youtube natural hair care, follow natural hair care blogs, oogle at women with beautiful natural tresses....but that is where it stops, our hair in it's natural state is extremely beautiful, but I prefer my hair to be straight. I think of it as looking at a woman with huge boobs (I am a 36 B...a small 36 B lol) Sure she looks good in those nice clevage showing shirts, but I enjoy being able to get away with being bra-less sometimes lol, I don't want to carry the weight of those things, and more importantly, I'm happy with my "B cup" even if I may glue a picture of my head on top of a pic of a model with DD's lol.

What I realized is I like the natural "look", I don't have the passion or motivation to be natural, and that is perfectly fine. If anything at all I was becoming a victim of "self peer pressure".

Let me just tell you realizing this has lifted a TON of weight off of my shoulders, I just felt a huge rush of "joy" go through me, with the simple realization that it's okay to love realxed hair.

People joke(or seriously) call it "Creamy Crack", they speak of how bad it is for your hair...but how many of those people smoke, drink, eat junk, don't exercise, and are over weight (not saying that all natrualistas are, I just mean ppl in general) but my point is not everything we do is good or necessarily "healthy" for us, but we do what makes us happy, and either deal with the consequences, or compensate to balance out the pros with the cons.

That's my "Ah Ha" moment for today, and it felt so good I just had to write a post on it.
HHJ Ladies

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bobbi Boss MQT-10 Review


I haven't written in awhile and I was really thinking of what I could write about, seeing that my regimen has pretty much been the same, I haven't tried any new products, so we are just playing the "Wait & Grow" game. I am now 5 weeks post, stretching unitl April 2012.

I tried the black tea rinsing, and it seemed to make my hair shed more and break more, so I am reverting back to the K.i.S.S. method. Keep clean, moisturized, & protected until my next relax date. I have even decreased oiling my scalp to once a week (opposed to twice) simply because I do not want to take my ponytail down and part it twice a week lol to me that is too much manipulation.

I may be over exaggerating but I feel like that tea rinsing really did a number on me so I am trying to salvage what length I have left lol.

Anywho back to the point of today's post =^)) I purchased this Bobbi Boss wig about 4 weeks ago. I have not worn it every day, I would wear it for like a week, then off a week, and back on again...I don't have an active life, so I could be cooped up in the house for a week and go nowhere other than work and taking kids to school.

Anyway she is a very beautiful piece!!! I love her curls and flips. She looks so natural. Wonderful fit, she is just amazing. Usually I go for the curlier wigs because they look more natural to me than the straight ones, which a lot of times to me can have that plastic look (I'm referring to synthetic wigs). I only buy human wigs if I want a straight look. But anywho, I have never found one, which I consider to be "in between" so I usually go with a "Curly Q" look or more "textured" look, so finding this, I have just fallen in love, it reminds me of a REALLY NICE body wrap...I can not say I love this enough...and the picture does it no justice :-)

And to me she looks better at week 4 than she did at week 1.
and I do nothing special to her. I spray wig spray on it (I will have to get back at you on the brand) but I do that and I don't even have a maniquinn (spell check) I just put her in a drawer or shoe box...I can only imagaine how polished she'd still be had I placed her properly. She doesn't even tangle badly (I just ran my fingers straight through her :-)

Her are a few pics of she and I :-)
This is within the 1st week or so:

This is She and I today :-)

This is the back (I hope you all can see it)

Being 4 weeks the curls have fallen and it is about BSL.
I definitely plan on re-purchasing her!!!