Friday, October 28, 2011

WDYT-What Do You Think

What do you Think of Tae Heckard's "Ninja Bun"??? Would you...Could you rock this??? Me, personally I think it's 1-2-3 easy...I'm willing to do anything easy!! LOL

Celebrity Hair: Get Tae Heckard’s Ninja Bun | Rolling Out - Black News, Celebrity Videos, Entertainment, Business & Politics

Click on the link above ^^^^^^ If you are interested in learning the steps to the "Ninja Bun"

Question Of The Week

Hey ladies!!! Relaxed or Natural...Have you ever thought switching up for the other team?? Any of my relaxed listas thought of going natural??? Natuaralistas fighting the relapse of the creamy crack attack??

I know me personally because I stretch I sometimes consider going natural, because I love the versatility of natural hair, and I love alot of natural hair care styles...4A hair is my fav.

Why won't I do it???
Well because I don't want to hop on the "band wagon" and then quickly regret it; so yea Im just playing it safe.

Thank you all for taking the time to view my blog today, I hope you all have an excellent weekend!!!!


Originally I thought that I was NL because I felt that it hadn't quite touched my shoulders, but then I was told that I was actually SL!! Before I get to excited and claim it lol WDYT????

Left Side
Right Side

Back :-/

Thursday, October 27, 2011

OFFICIALLY NL!!!!!!! & A Relaxer :-)

Welp 1 of my October goals were to not give in to the relaxer....and I did. Relaxed on last Sunday 10/23/11. My aunt applied the relaxer (Silk Elements Megasilk, regular strength) and I combed it thru, because I don't trust anyone else to comb my hair. My mom then, clipped my ends and even'd up my progress is as above :-)

My relaxer got pretty straight with just enough texture you can see my back I am now OFFICIALLY NL!!!!! WOOP WOOP!!!! I will continue bunning and wigging until March (my next relaxer) I hope to then be full SL!!!!

Current Look...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Just Another Updizate :-P

August to September is before I started the CO Challenge...September to October is 1 month in :-)) To me it seems as if I have experience more growth in Sept-Oct!! But I could be psyching myself out lol


Also I recently bought Cantu Shea Butter.... I got mixed reviews on it, but bought it on a whim so I decided to try far it is GREAT!!! Leaves my hair very well moisturized, and soft as a baby's bottom. I love it!!!

I am currently bunning, wore a wig for a week but it felt heavy and I just got tired of it. November I plan on getting a relaxer and taking Christmas pics with the fam, wearing my REAL HAIR!!!! Freshly relaxed and trimmed...OMG that will be a first!!! I think I will start using the CO 3x a week for a boost of a growth


IDK how many of you are on Facebook but if you are you should search for the group
HAIRLISTA it is so great, all the girls are amazing and helpful and I just love talking hair hair hair!!! :-)

Other than that that pretty sums up this update ladies....just sticking to my routine of cowashing/ DCing weekly, oiling scalp 2 times a week with a scalp massage and protective styling.

I have noticed that unless I have protien in some prods that I am unaware of, my hair really isn't protien hungry, all I do is cowash, shampoo once a month, and DC with Shea Moisture...and I have yet to go into moisture overload?!??? Im not complaining either :-)

How are your journies coming along listas???


Just wanted to shoutout to my new followers!!! I see you diva dolls!!!! Has had a hectic schedule but I will be updating soon!!! Thank you all for joining me on my journey from NL to APL & BEYOND!!! :-)


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wash Day

So many of you know I do a weekly wash & DC. This weeks wash was nothing special, but I decided to write about it bc I have nothing else to write about lol. I am not using any new products bc what I have so far is working. I am thinking of purchasing the S-Curl spray moisturizer bc I have heard good things about it...and I am in the market for a new leave in conditioner but other than that

I cowash with V05 Clarifying just seems to do something to my new growth, like it feels like it is literally just melting the curls loose lol.

I have Herebal Essence Hello Hydration....A LOT of Listas rave about this....I like the smell...but thats about all I get from it, so sometime I will end my cowash with this.

As of now I am not shampooing...Once a month I will clarify with an ION shampoo.

Weekly, I deep condition with Shea Moisture Deep Treatment mixed with 2 tbs of Castor oil...OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!
This along with my V05 Clarifying new growth is super easy to maintain...and just BOMB.COM!!!!!

I have recently switched to washing at night, and DCing over night.

So then Monday morning, I will Baggy for about 45 min to an hour.

I use Care Free Curl right now which is a good moisturizer,
and Silk Elements Megasilk (Neither of which contains Mineral Oil, so I like)

I also have a spray bottle with a mix of distilled water, aloe vera, care free curl, and coconut oil....I spritz it on as needed.

After moisturizing I seal with coconut oil, then oil my scalp with castor oil.
(BTW I moisturize & seal, and oil and massage in sections parted in 4 ways)

I follow oiling my scalp with a nice scalp massage, also done in sections (it's just easier and more concentrated that way)

Afterward, I seal my ENDS ONLY with Castor oil bc it is thicker and I just feel like my ends are safer tucked in a lil castor oil.

Then I carefully roll my ends up in a bun.

I have been bunning for about 2 weeks now.

Thats pretty much what I do, play by play :-))

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Bun on a Budget!!!!

So I have bought at least 3 of those clip on buns, one (the braided one) that fell apart after 2 uses...and 2 doughnut buns which does not go very well seeing that I have new growth out of this world. So I decided to try making a bun out of Jumbo Braiding hair, I got it for 99 cent at USA Drug.
Here are the results:

All you need is:

1.Jumbo braid hair ( i used 2 bags)
2. Bobby pins
3. Ponytail holders

Here is a copy of the link :



^^^^Look at all this damn shedding!!! Soooo I cowashed with HE/HH and DC'd with Queen Helen's Deep Cholesterol Tx mixed with castor oil and MOLASSES, I know I used too much molasses but IDK if it was the molasses period or if it was the amount that caused the shedding, but out of my entire HHJ, this is the 1 thing I did different and this is my results, I DC'd with it over it had plenty of time to make its self at home in my hair. You guys should have seen my shower...just pulling out hair :-( Good thing I have a head full of thick hair or I'd be in for some trouble!!!

I read that Molasses stops breakage, and while I was not experiencing any, that product junkie in me just had to test it out...curiosity killed the cat :-(

Oh well, now Im back to bunning until the next wash day....counting down my weeks until I relax her!!!