Thursday, October 10, 2013

Inversion Method Results & Other Updates!

Well uhmmm probably evident by late posting, I kinda got busy. I have been juggling a lot. I am on a 30 days, no days off, fitness challenge, working, school, and of course home life. Anywho I messed around and skipped 2 days of the inversion method, so I just stopped and thought I would try again, next month. I didn't want to do it immediately bc I don't want to risk my scalp getting used to it. So no 1 in of growth for fact, I did my 2nd major trim, took a little over an inch off.
No worries! I am not the least bit sad. I know have my hair tucked away, now protective styling up until the end of the Castor Oil Challenge, focusing on keeping my hair moisturized, and performing protien treatments once a month. So excited about this growth and health I am about to achieve
Also just wanted to share my pony tail journey :-)