Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Baaaaaack!!!!

Ok so I could totally use YT as an excuse to the neglect of my blog....but the truth is, I have also laxed on my regimen. If I write down everything that I actually do it would look like this :

Sunday CoWash, DC, apply Leave in, Air Dry, & Bun
Moisturize as needed
Oil Scalp 3x a week (randomly no set days)

and that's it.

No M&S'ing
No rinses

Some would say enjoy the simplicity of it, but I feel like I am being lazy. Granted I am wigging, and my hair pretty much stays moisturized bc it's always pulled back and under my satin cap, unless I am oiling my scalp. I am currently in school & work both full plate is pretty full, but I need to re-evaluate some things and get back to my hair.

Also on the weightloss side of things.... TOTAL FAIL!!!!!!I went out and bought alllll this diet food/healthy crap...and ate out ALL WEEK!!! UGHHHH! SOME BODY SAVE ME!!!! & I have noticed when I eat all heavy and crappy I feel weighed down and sluggish, so I didn't even work out. It was so bad, I didn't even drink any green tea...smh I'm jumping back on board bc boy did I lose myself!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Valentine's Day Challenge!!

Hey love bugs!! Nothing much has been new with my hair or regimen. I hve been sticking to wigging and bunning. Tho I have been trying to wig more for a low manipulation style. Is it just me or do any of you have to re-comb/brush your bun daily. I just want to leave my hair alone!!!

Ok regarding the title...This Valentine's Day Challenge is actually not hair related...It's goal oriented!! I have been struggling with this weight since's now 2012 #ComeOnSon I'm I am calling it the V-Day Challenge bc so far NOTHING has motivated me...but when I think of my baby boo (husband) I get the urge to my love for him is stronger than Wendy's chicken nuggets....maybe if every time I get the urge to eat out of order, I remind myself who it is for...I can check myself!! We will see how this goes. My plan...

Jump rope -7 days a build stamina
Zumba 2x a week
Walk 3x a week
Circuit Training 2x a week!!
Water only!! 5x a week!!!

From now until V-day, I hope to lose 10 lbs. Right now my dieting focus will be porportion size bc eating healthy can get a bit costly!!
Will keep u guys updated!! I just need to focus, and be disciplined!!! Pray for me!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Look Who's YT'ing Now =-)


Yes yours truly =-)
I'm super excited and now I just have video ideas out of this world!!! I hope I do well on it. Any of you guys on YT, shoot me your link so I can subscribe to you!!