Thursday, July 4, 2013

Two Year Relaxed Hair Care Anniversary!!

Yay me!!!!!!

What can I say? I stumbled upon hair care regimens for relaxed hair, 2 years ago, after being tired of the rat nest that I called hair! I have not looked back since. One thing that I have learned is that besides longer hair, healthy hair just really is easier to maintain than unkept hair. Duhhh right??? Lol 

Another thing is that, caring for hair is not at all as hard or difficult as it would seem. Some ppl may hear the weekly routines & cringe, but once it becomes routine, & repetitive it easily becomes apart of your lifestyle. 
One of my first braid outs, compared to today's BraidOut :-)
I remember hating to wear my hair in curly styles bc I was NL & so badly wanted to be SL. Curly styles of course makes your hair look shorter, now 2 years later my curly styles are SL!!! I love it!!!
Photo: My 4th of July Fly  #NurseScrubs