Thursday, November 24, 2011

Just a Little Do Dad

So I attempted a braid out on my hair which was not a complete fail but I didn't like the way that it looked down so for a date night with the hubs, I did two 2 strand flat twist! My original plan was to do one long one going across like a head band but I am not that advanced so I just split in into two going opposite directions...and made a high (not so messy) messy braid out bun. I recieved a lot of compliments on it, and it was super easy and convenient =-)


Happy Thanksgiving love muffins!!! Hope you all had a fab day =-) I know I did!! I worked last night so I got off and slept for about an hour or two, before woken up by hubster ready to hit the streets. We went to my aunts house and I laid out but really couldn't I am back at work :-/ Tonight will be a long night, geeesh, but I will make it I suppose.

On to hair news....I have been pretty consistent in my regimen. I have added tea rinsing twice a week to it. Which I honestly can't tell if it is working or not...I really think I do uneccessary ish to my hair. I can't say that I had excessive shedding before but I heard the tea rinsing would stop shedding completely. Which has yet to happen. I'm still castor oiling and massaging scalp, just relaxing and letting my hair do its thing. My plan is start my box braid challenge next week (EXCITED!!) So I will be posting pics of that. I should start looking for December goals, but I've been so consistent IDK what I could add, except to work out....which Im trying lol, hoping to start a kickboxing class so we will see. Just checking in with you ladies, hope you all had a good day!!! *muah muah muah!!!*

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Still a little hesitant to claim SL but I am certaintly happy with the progress that I am making!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Hair Obsession....

I was recently confronted about my blogging and "hair obsession", so while this my be a rant, it can also be a clarity for any others who have questions or built up opinions on my outlook & obsession about hair.

Anyone who has read my story knows that I was relaxed at a very young age. My whole life I've know my hair as relaxed (and that is the way I would like it to stay), you may also know that I was VERY uneducated on hair...up until starting this journey me, simply frizzy hair was a reason to get a me relaxing was the cure to to it all lol. So hair care AT ANY DEGREE is new to me...of course I am obsessed with the plethora of information that I am learning...and I blog because I want to share.

I was at my wits ends, and did not know what to do with my hair...I decided that I was going to cut it all all (if you read) should know that I was initially looking for for info on going natural when I found the relaxed hair care blogs. I was not going natural because i had this sudden epiphany or even because I wanted to...I was considering it out of frustration. So you guys for me, was my "hair heros".

I want to be that for some girl...some girl who doesn't know which way to turn, and then she see's a blog about relaxed hair care. You hear so much about the damage it cause, and you can be tricked to believe that with relaxers unhealthy hair, split ends, and breakage is inevitable....that is not the truth and I want to be your inspiration to that, you can be tricked to believe that going natural is the only way to grow your hair....I want to be proof that that is far from the truth.

I, by no means, have anything against natural hair...I will admit that I have called it a phase...bc to me when EVERYONE, starts doing something around the same time, because EVERYONE else is doing me that is a fad, something that will die out...and I do know quite a few women who have went natural and back relaxed...I am not sayin whether they were wrong or right, I don't put that much care into it, but I do feel like I should be able to have my opinion without being "attacked".

How can you really debate whether the natural hair movement is a fad or not??There is no point in arguing with that, you have your opinion, and I hold mine...let's move on.

If any of you follow me on Twitter and see that I mention it, it is usually after I have been involved or lurked through a few debates in one of my many hair forums...what I have learned is that (well what I am guessing at is...) relaxed hair women seem to think that naturals view them (us) as inferior, and they feel like we view them as inferior. I seem to see my backlash from naturals directed towards relaxed hair more than anything...but I could be wrong (IDK). Again, I really don't care. Relaxed or natural if it works for you and it's growing, then enjoy it. Hair is hair to put so much emotion to it, to me is just weird. As obsessed about hair as I am...if someone came ragging about how unhealthy relaxed hair is, I would simply overlook it, because it does not apply to me, but I guess not everyone has that outlook on it.

I guess the main thing that bothered me was the jab at my blogging and constant talk of hair, but if thats my obsession like it or not it is my obsession...and I will blog, fotki, facebook, tweet, all I please about MY hair and it's care, or any thoughts regarding hair in general.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Braid Challenge...

This is a personal challenge for me, I did not find this on any forums, but if any of you ladies would be interested in joining in, you are more than welcomed,or even offering suggestions or advice:-) Right now it is me all by my lonesome, but I plan on doing this so if any of you wanna peep in and motivate me lol, be my guest.


*Clip Ends
1. Take Before Picture
2. Wear Braids (Box, micro, or twist) from December 2011- December 2012
3. You may take rest periods to relax hair as needed
(but try not to go any longer than 2 weeks without braids)
4. You may do length checks during rest periods but do not post pubicly.
5. Take after pic :-)

I am doing this because I will be working and going to school full time, so this is to lighten up the load and make washing easier in between relaxers, as well as oiling scalp and such. I will have to research hair care with braids. I will not have time for all the styling and care that wearing my hair would need. and I know me, I get so bored with styles, so for sure this will be a challenge, but I am ready for it. If I could hop up and get some now I would lol. I tend to let my hair lead my attitude, short and choppy doos carry a quick bad girl type of attitude, curly more natural styles carry an innocent humble girl kinda tude, long hair don't care carry sexy girl fly girl attitudes lol, so to be in braids alllll the time, I will have to bring it out myself. I know I can style the braids too...and I will but nonetheless it will be a challenge. I just hope yall don't get bored of me. lol

With the DCing
and BTR (Black Tea Rincing) I am uber stoked to see my results for Dec. 2012. My goal is APL. I will be graduating nursing school in Dec 2012, and my goal is to graduate with honors, and wearing my hair down APL :-)) So I gotta make this happen!!!

I will be getting the braids, the first or second week of December :-) (If not the last week in November lol) so stay tuned :-))

and Hi to all my new followers!!! I will follow back.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stop Shedding...Black Tea Rinses

Will definitely be implementing Black Tea Rinses into my regimen, hopefully I can find some in my local grocery today, as today is wash day!! Will update you soon :-)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Product Reviews

I realized that since starting HHJ I have switched some prods and may not have mentioned them, so this post is dedicated to that :-))

I have not sat and thought of a staple relaxer yet, usually before this journey I could just go and pick up whatever blindly, so I used a Motions relaxer in August...which I did myself and was SUPER under processed so I could not get a real accurate feel of that.

And in October I used Silk Elements Megasilk relaxer

and it straightened my hair out EXTREMELY well considering the amount of new growth I had. My only thing is my hair is bone straight, like lying on the sides of my face straight :-/
Keep in mind I am just now about a week and a half post, so hopefully as I gain more new growth some body will pop back in it. :-)

So SE is like my 1st relaxer I've used since really trying to pay attention to my hair. IDK if I want to play around with different relaxers and see how my hair reacts or if I just want to stick with what I know.

I used Silk Elements Moisture Treatment

and my hair gobbled it up..loved it....another Lista used it and her hair had a bad reaction to it. That is what scares me with trying different prods, I would hate to have a set back due to curiosity.

Needless to say; I have yet to decide which relaxer I will use, but so far it is Silk Elements, and Im having good results.

Because I am bunning alot and I hate gel or JAM on my hair I am using ORS Smooth n Hold creme and Edge Control.

This has been a hair saver for me...DEFINITELY a staple product, and Im actually running out of the smooth n hold and will be repurchasing very soon. :-))
The cream is just that a cream, it does not feel jelly or hard on my hair, it does not leave flakes, it does it's job and I am just THANKFUL for this...I HATE hard crunchy hair as a result of gel...even JAM makes my hair hard, dries it out, and leaves flake. Smooth N Hold is a MOISTURIZER!!!!! It moisturizes while holding...ya can't go wrong :-))
The Edge Control, is like a hair wax (the bees wax, used to be orange) yea to me it seems like that. It is a convenience to have, when I need it, but I honestly don't use it as much as I use SNH. I usually just apply the SMH to my edges and brush it...and for the fly aways I may use the edge control. But it is a lovely prod to have as well, when i do have to use it.

I did a review on Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masquewhich is actually targeted for natural hair, and I use that DC during my longer stretch periods, because it is great on my new growth. I have not used it yet on my relaxed hair. but LOVE IT for my ng, it cuts through it and melts it like buttah baby.

For my cowashes I am an AVID V05 CLARIFYING CONDITIONER user :-)

AVID A.V.I.D!!! lol I emphasize that because that I have recently tried tried and TRIED to feel the magic with Herebal Essence Hello Hydration...but it was just blaaaaah....It was average, just another wash...but I kept trying bc all of my Listas swore by it...but when I used my V05 CC, it was no doubt about it, every single time my hair just melts, loves this stuff,. It is the perfect consistency for me, perfect amount of slip, just lovely. My hair responds well and this is undoubtably a staple for me. I have even used Moisture Milks and it did not do what Clarifying Conditioner has done for me, but I will return to Moisture Milks just to see once again if there is really a difference now that I now know how to "LISTEN to my hair.

And from the beginning of my journey I still use Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor, once a month now for maintainence.. and I use Hair One now as only a leave in....both of which I still love :-D

As for Oils, I use:
Coconut OilI do not use the EVOO as often as I use the Coconut Oil. I seal with Coconut Oil, because it is light, and smells great and seems to be moisturizing as well.
I use EVOO with Oil Rinses or Prepoos.

Oh and the one and only Castor Oil I use to promote growth. I have went from wrapping my ponytail holder 3 or 4 times around my ponytail, to now only having to wrap it around twice :-D