Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What Has Helped Me on My Relaxed Hair Care Journey

What would I contribute to my success so far in this hair journey???

 Why that is easy!!! I would have to say MOISTURE and TLC!!!! I could easily say PROTECTIVE STYLES, but that alone would be a lie. I began wearing half wigs in 2008, and sadly my hair remained dry, brittle, and untouched.
My hair has never been any longer than "scrapping" SL, until now, being FULL SL, and 1.5 inches away from APL!!!!

How do I maintain moisture?

I deep condition weekly.
I don't really pay attention to the whole "moisture conditioner this week, protein the next". I kinda sorta play it by ear and how my hair feels. Sometime I just "throw in" protein just because I feel like I hadn't used any in a while.

Keep in mind, that method is unique to my hair, and I have a "no fuss" regimen. Meaning that I do not make a big fuss about my hair. That is probably the 2nd biggest contribution to my progress.

Some hair may require more protein, while other may be protein sensitive, and require very little to no, protein. My hair seems to just go with the flow.

Another way I maintain moisture is I GHE twice a week, and seal with EVOO.

Other Contributors?

Stretching relaxers has definitely allowed my hair to remain thicker and stronger.

Ditching the "fine tooth" combs. Need I explain how these little monsters can and will rip and strip OUR hair?

Styling my own hair, simply because I am the most careful with my hair! No one will be more careful with "her" than I will, or implement the "safest" and most beneficial methods.

Learning HOW TO relax my own hair...and that doesn't mean getting it bone straight. How To: refers to prepping my hair and scalp, how to apply it CORRECTLY, how long to REALLY  leave it on,and other safety measures.

Another huge contributor has been knowing how far to go with my hair. When surfing through hair blogs, forums, and groups you will come across alot of "recommendations", advice, and tips. Not falling for the hype and not being a HUGE product junkie has kept me from having alot of set backs.

Don't get me wrong, I have dabbled a bit in curiosity, sometimes things worked, some didn't. Those times that didn't taught me that I didn't want to "stray" away from what I KNOW works, to often.

Unlisted Contributions but DEFINITELY recommended.

These are unlisted because while they are definitely changes that I implemented, I can't REALLY say that they are MAIN reasons for my progress for certain.

Ditching Shampoos.
I can't say that use of shampoos will hinder your journey because I have not had any bad experiences with any. Beginning my HHJ, I said I would shampoo once a month, and cowash weekly. That never changed, so I don't want to contribute it  to my progress, because who is to say that shampooing more, wouldn't have yielded the same results, if not better.

Protective Styles.
While I know they work, and it has been a contributor. I wouldn't feel right listing it as one, being that I did protective style for 3 years straight (never wore my real hair out) and still remained no longer than SL and certainly was not healthy.

In one year I went from NL to SL....and I am excitedly racing towards APL!!! I have to thank all of my fellow hair bloggers whom, I've learned so much from. I can only hope that one day I can be as beneficial to someone as you all have been to me :-)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wig Review: Equal Lace Front "Deep Invisible Part" :Nelly

I purchased this wig today from my local BSS. It is a 'pre cut' lace front which I LOVE because, I know nothing about cutting the lace off...which is one of the reasons that I have always steered clear from lace fronts. Another reason is because I did not want to be the one that ends up with that dreaded "Barbie" looking hair line, you guys know the look that I am talking about. Well when I came across "Nelly" it was completel upon chance, I was simply browsing, she looked simple and cute, I tried her on, and she looked so natural that, I just stared into the mirror right then, lost in the moment just bouncing her around, and hair flipping like I owned the piece!! I then tried on a few other "Equal" pieces, one with big loose sexy curls!! I really liked that one too, but I was wanting something simple with an "everyday" appeal. So I went back to Nelly! She cost $49.99 (Though I saw on they had her for $39.99), which isn't too bad. I just hope that she does not tangle or become frizzy too soon. So far I have not ran into any tangles, but then again it is only day one. I will do an update review in about a week or two as well. She is made of futura fiber, which means that she is curling iron safe for up to 400 degrees. I purchased her in the color 99J, which is a burgundy/wine color.

I have had tons of compliments, and some could not even tell that it was a wig, and said that the hair looked so natural, like real hair. Well her she and I are....
What do YOU think???

PhotoI guess that she is about 14" long, layered.