Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hair Diary!

Mapping out my plan for my next wash. I think I want to incorporate Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor just to get my protein in , as I have not used it in a while. I dusted my hair, for the first time today, and bc my hair is in layers, there naturally were little sprigs that weren't "raggedy" or "split" but I just cut them as well anyway. It left my hair feeling softer, and it seemed to even move a little easier,Yes I was whipping my hair back and forth. lol.

Also I know I said I would do an entire year with braids challenge, but I have scared myself out of it. I am afraid of breakage so i think I will scratch that, and make it a year wigging challenge...that should be hella easy and problem free lol.

But back to this wash... I just used heat on my hair about 3 days ago, so i think I will stretch my next wash for 2 weeks...unless my scalp tells me otherwise.

In Hairlista Facebook Group we have started up another Castor Oil challenge so I will be doing this twice a week. Have any of you guys ever used MN (Miconazole Nitrate) as a growth aide?? Some of the girls swear by it, and the junkie in me is itching to try it.

Anywho let me get off of here & contemplate this next wash...

CoWash w/ V05 Clarifying Conditioner
Let Aphogee sit for 5 minutes
D/C with Megasilk Hair Mayonnaise (45 min) (That is a protein you think that is too much protein)
Let air dry and wrap up as I will be wigging.

ALSO!!! I am feeling really special now...I pretty much have converted my FB page to ALL THINGS HAIR!!! && at first ppl kinda teased me about it...but that died off and I pretty much get a few likes here and there but nothing much. Well a few weeks ago I found out that a friend began her Relaxed Hair Care Journey bc of MOI!!!! YAYYYYY...and today I posted my last length chk pic and announced that I will be concealing my length until 12/31/2012 and this girl says NOOOOO Don't make us wait that long *blushing* I said "I honestly didn't think ppl were following or even cared lol" and she said "WELL I DEFINITELY DO" awww that just warmed my little heart :-)


  1. Is the 2 min reconstructor a heavy protein? If so I would be hesitant to add another protein in the mix. But the big reveal next Dec should be exciting!