Saturday, December 17, 2011

African American with Indian Hair???

Hi all!!! This post is about MY choice of wigs over weaves. When watching Chris Rock's "Good Hair" doc, there is one line that still to this day (after 3 years) that sticks to me...and rubs me the wrong way, "You are african american with indian hair" (or something along that line). To me I visualized me, braiding my own hair down, covering my african american hair with indian hair, as if my hair own wasn't good enough to show off. I felt that way 3 years ago, before even starting an HHJ. It was then when I became anti-weaves/ human hair. To me, when I cover my hair with synthetic wigs, it feels like it is just a hat to cover my hair, but when I spend $300 to install some other nationalities hair on top of my hair, it just rubs me the wrong way, I feel like I am disrespecting my hair, in the sense of saying what I was born with is not pretty enough. Why choose their hair over my own, with wigs, I feel like I am not choosing "hair" moreso a hair style....whether it be long, short, curly, straight. I have seen girls "brag" about the type of weave they have whether it be "Indian, Malaysian" or whatever they have now days, I'm just thinking...and what about YOUR hair??

Don't get me wrong I know sew ins are a protective style, and I respect that. If you choose sew ins over wigs, I highly suggest you spend that kind of money on that kind of hair, bc trust me nothing is more infuriating than spending $150 on an install, with hair that will tangle in 3 weeks (been there) lol.

My thoughts regarding the matter is mainly aimed at those, who do not properly care for their hair, yet keep a weave in, not for protective reasons but moreso to look good. You know those, that keep a weave in year after year and you catch them at the salon with a lil nub of a pony tail??? #WhyTho?? LOL

This post is not targeted at anyone, or to make anyone feel inferior about their choices. Although I'm sure noone who is reding this blog has a little "nub" of a ponytail...and if they do, they're ready to make a change TODAY!!! & I commend you for that :-)

This is just a reflection of why I choose wigs over weaves...and the answer is simply "I feel uncomfortable wearing other humans hair....when I have my own" :-)



  1. You make some excellent points and I definitely stopped and thought about it. What I conclude (and I LOVE my indian hair and weaves) is that my hair can and will look like that. however, even after I reach my length goal I will continue to wear sew ins from time to time, not because I actually feel that it is better than my own hair, but because for my hair to feel silky like that I would have to relax every 6 weeks which I don't want to do. I would have to use a bunch of smoothing products and heat, which is not healthy for my hair. I love being able to use heat freely on my weaves when I desire that look without being concerned that I'm damaging my hair.

    Although I disagree I think it IS important that every black woman stop and ask herself honestly why she wears weaves. Is it truly to protect your hair or is it tied to some insecurity? For me its definitely the former, so I feel comfortable in my choice to continue to wear them.

    Whewwwww, I dang near wrote a post! lol. But, how do you feel about weaves with kinky textures? Or relaxed texture?

  2. Thanks for responding!!! I definitely enjoy hearing the other side of it! I guess for me, knowing that it was out of an insecurity I'm choosing not to go back there, once I fully embrace my hair I may see it your way. I'm still just learning my hair & seeing that it really is just as beautiful & manageable as the others. I definitely understand u protecting ur hair from all of that.

    As far as kinky hair I love it, but again for me it's always synthetic but I do love the natural textures as well. Another reason I don't wear sew ins is because i don't like to be committed to a certain style. I love that with wigs I cab change up daily if I wanted to.