Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bobbi Boss MQT-10 Review


I haven't written in awhile and I was really thinking of what I could write about, seeing that my regimen has pretty much been the same, I haven't tried any new products, so we are just playing the "Wait & Grow" game. I am now 5 weeks post, stretching unitl April 2012.

I tried the black tea rinsing, and it seemed to make my hair shed more and break more, so I am reverting back to the K.i.S.S. method. Keep clean, moisturized, & protected until my next relax date. I have even decreased oiling my scalp to once a week (opposed to twice) simply because I do not want to take my ponytail down and part it twice a week lol to me that is too much manipulation.

I may be over exaggerating but I feel like that tea rinsing really did a number on me so I am trying to salvage what length I have left lol.

Anywho back to the point of today's post =^)) I purchased this Bobbi Boss wig about 4 weeks ago. I have not worn it every day, I would wear it for like a week, then off a week, and back on again...I don't have an active life, so I could be cooped up in the house for a week and go nowhere other than work and taking kids to school.

Anyway she is a very beautiful piece!!! I love her curls and flips. She looks so natural. Wonderful fit, she is just amazing. Usually I go for the curlier wigs because they look more natural to me than the straight ones, which a lot of times to me can have that plastic look (I'm referring to synthetic wigs). I only buy human wigs if I want a straight look. But anywho, I have never found one, which I consider to be "in between" so I usually go with a "Curly Q" look or more "textured" look, so finding this, I have just fallen in love, it reminds me of a REALLY NICE body wrap...I can not say I love this enough...and the picture does it no justice :-)

And to me she looks better at week 4 than she did at week 1.
and I do nothing special to her. I spray wig spray on it (I will have to get back at you on the brand) but I do that and I don't even have a maniquinn (spell check) I just put her in a drawer or shoe box...I can only imagaine how polished she'd still be had I placed her properly. She doesn't even tangle badly (I just ran my fingers straight through her :-)

Her are a few pics of she and I :-)
This is within the 1st week or so:

This is She and I today :-)

This is the back (I hope you all can see it)

Being 4 weeks the curls have fallen and it is about BSL.
I definitely plan on re-purchasing her!!!


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