Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Product Review: Liquid Gold Sulfur Based Hair Growth Oil

Hey lovies!!!! Today's review will be on Liqiud Gold. This product is available at & can be found at I got the 4oz for $9.95 + shipping probably took it to $13 I think. There is also an 8oz for $16. 

Shipping was pretty quick! I ordered on Thursday night & had it by that following Tuesday. 

There are some complaints about the smell, to me it smells minty. I have no problem with it, my husband HATES it. 

The consistency is a bit thin/runny so a little goes a looong way. I just take the nozzle, squirt in a few areas, then. Massage my scalp to distribute it all over. 

The suggested regimen says to protective style & apply the oil every other day.

I do apply it every other day, but did not protective style.  On to what you guys are most interested in...
Did it help any??? Did it work??
The pic on the left was right after my trim on October 8, the pic on the right was yesterday! I think it's safe to say that it works & is very well worth it!!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

NHR: #TeamFit

Ok so yall know that I just had a baby....HER IS 4 MONSH OLD NOW (that is my poor version of baby talk written out)

Well the last picture is the whole crew. The 3 boys are mine, the older girl is my little sister, lol, just turned oldest son is 7 :-/ He'll be 8 in January lol, she just turned 7 last week. Anyway there is a look at Paisley and her crew, now on to the point lol.

Needless to say, I am trying to get back in shape. Well I only gained like 22 lbs during the pregnancy, all of which I have lost...but my weight seems to be teeter-tottering...I am now seems that I will get down to 153, and get stuck -_-....So I know I have to push myself harder when I get back down to 153...Oh yea...I get stuck at 153, then hop back up to 157 some kinda way lol.

With that being said, not only do I want to lose weight, but I want to transform my body to look a way that it never has before, athletic.  I know it will take a lifestyle change, one that I am not completely ready for, but is willing to try.

Now that I say all of that I will say that I am on Day 3 of T25 with Shawn T. T25 is series of workouts developed by Shawn T. each workout is 25 minutes long, but extremely intense!!!

My initial reaction to Days 1 and 2 were "huh...this is feasible, it works you without defeating you." Well on to day Day 3...I WAS DEMOLISHED!!!!!

 I will admit that Total Body Circuit (Day 3) was a killer! I had to do A LOT of the modified versions and I felt like a little bitch lol. I was tired, out of breath, and I wanted to quit! But I had to remind myself that just because I am not perfect at it, does not give me the right to quit. If I try, I can only get better...If I quit, I will never get better...Literally had to prep talk myself through it the entire time.

I will do updates ehhh every week or every two weeks. If I find myself slacking then I will update weekly just to motivate myself to go harder. If I am doing pretty well, I will update bi-weekly hopefully to show some progress :-)

My goal for December is just to remain consistent with T25!!!
This is me now (taken on Dec 1)...hopefully you will see a smaller version in 2 weeks :-)