HHJ Starter Kit

This page is designed for those of you who are new to the hair community. Upon researching caring for relaxed hair, the plethora of acronyms and hair products may be a bit overwhelming!! Don't let it scare you, hopefully I can simplify things a bit.

First decide whether you want to use a shampoo or not?

What's the big deal about shampoo?
Most shampoos contain sulfate (unless it is a sulfate free shampoo), sulfates will strip the hair of it's natural moisture and leave the hair feeling dry and brittle.
You can however, counteract that effect by using a moisturizing deep conditioner shampoo!

What is an alternative to shampooing?
Cowashing, cowashing is cleansing the hair with conditioner, oppose to shampoo. Benefits of cowashing is that it cleanses the hair and scalp, while retaining moisture.

Now that  you have decided to use shampoo or not, let's get to the things that you will need:

(If using a shampoo, if not clearly omit this)
1 moisture based shampoo and 1 protein shampoo,
 alternate using one or the other between wash days.

1 Clarifying Shampoo
(Clarifyers strips the hair of minerals, oils, dirt ect, only use once a month or as needed)

1 Moisturizing Deep Conditioner
1 Protein Deep Conditioner
(Like shampoo, alternate the two on each wash day)

 Leave in Conditioner

Water Based Moisturizer

Natural Oils
(I started off with EVOO and Coconut) Love those!!

Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Argan oils 
The list goes on....

Wide Tooth Comb

Silk or Satin Bonnet or Scarf

A Basic Regimen

Wash/Cowash once a week (or bi weekly)
Deep Condition (at least once a month, but more often if possible)

*Alternate protein and moisturizing shampoo and conditioners each week, to help out with balance.*

Moisturize hair 2x/week & seal with an oil.
Oil scalp 2-3x a week.

Clarify hair once a month.

Remember to limit combing and to wear protective styles as often as possible to retain maximum length.

**If interested in any other techniques (GHE, ACV, Oil Rinses or Tea Rinses), check out  the FAQs page.**

Comment if you have any questions::: HAPPY HAIR GROWING!!!!

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