Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cold Hard Truth About The Journey; The Hair Journey.

Sorry it's been awhile since I've updated! I kind of fell into a hair funk, hair boredom. Which a revelation about the truth of our hair journeys is what spun the birth of this blog post. 

We know their are hundreds of rules out there! The don't dos, the do dos, & all that lies in between. Typically I use direct heat on my hair once a month, I've tried to stretch that out to only on special occasions, well at this point in my life the special occasions are far & few in between. That would seem like a good thing right? Less heat use! Well for me that SUCKS! Lol my hair simply air dries stupidly, no matter what method I try... This is what I end up with 
A relaxed hairfro!!! That makes styling it more difficult & bc it has SOOO much texture if I ever want a sleek look, heat has to be involved. So trying to go heatless & bunning, got me bored with my hair! I was beginning to become lazy, not wearing my bonnet while sleeping, using gel on my edges & a brush to sleek it down. I wasn't M&S'ing... So I decided to straighten it & once again fall in love with my hair. The truth is, starting my hair journey I depended heavily on Wigging for protective styles. Not being able to do that now & not having a variety of styles to choose from I get bored & lazy. So my revelation was "Right now, refraining from heat usage is not ideal for my hhj". I have to do what is best for me!! There is no reason to feel caged in or imprisoned by your hair & all the rules that apply. 
So what I use heat once a month, still my hair has thrived 
 So what if I don't retain the MAXIMUM length for the year, so what if I don't reach BSL by the end if the Summer. The most important thing is being happy & comfortable with my own hair.  So far this year I have straightened my hair & worn it straight for two weeks, most of which time it remains in a protective style, I only wear my hair down if I'm out & about. Then for two weeks I do heatless low manipulation & protective styles & that has worked for me. What doesn't work is.....trying to focus so much on following one rule that you end up breaking all if the others.  So that's my two cents for the week!!

Don't try to mimic anyone else's regimen.
Don't beat yourself up if you can't apply EVERY rule in the book!
& most importantly... Enjoy & have fun during this'll reach your destination whether you take the freeway or scenic route :-)