About This Blog

This blog is created and designed for women who choose to relax their kinks, and still want to maintain healthy hair.

Posts are made regularly from the newest hair info, frequently asked questions, all the way to my daily hair care. Because older posts can and will get lost with age, I have designated pages for the most important topics.

My Regimen-
 as stated will let you in on how I choose to care for my hair on a routine.

HHJ Starter Kit-
Is a page for those who are new into the hair community or even vets who just need a refresher. It gives an idea of a simple regimen, as well as a list of products that will be needed to start caring for your hair.

Gives a list of frequently used acronyms in the hair community, as well as defines frequently used terms.

Hair Porn
You will find a collection of pictures of my hair, varying from before my HHJ to more up to date.

Perfect Tresses on YT
You will find a variety of youtube videos; from hair tutorials, product reviews, up dated regimen and more.

From the Beginning
Will give you an up close and personal look on how Perfect Tresses came out to be and where the journey began.