Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter Hair Challenges!!!!

As we all are aware of how harsh the winter wind and low temperatures can be on our tresses, despite the massive attack of fatigue I must still maintain healthy tresses right? What better way to do that than to join other *Listas* in their hair challenges? Boost of motivation and extra care right?

First off there is Vannie C's "Castor Oil Challenge"

This challenge is being held from December 10, 2012 until March 10, 2013. In this challenge I will be oiling my scalp 3x a week as well as adding Castor Oil to my deep conditioner.

Because I am iffy about simply cowashing my hair while avidly oiling my scalp I have decided to "spiffy" my regimen far it has been so simple "Cowash & DC weekly, moisturize as needed"

I recognize that is a good "maintenance" regimen, just to retain length, and keep it looking healthy, but to obtain the ultimate amount of health and growth I need to do better.

My regimen will be as follows:

Every Other Day:
Oil Scalp (Castor Oil)
Scalp Massage

Deep Condition

Every Other Week:
ACV Rinse
Hot Oil Treatment


Starting Pic for Castor Oil Challenge:

During this challenge I decided that it would be even more beneficial for me to protective style, which brings me to  CHALLENGE #2


This challenge does not OFFICIALLY start until January 7, 2013 and ends on April 7, 2013....but I have already begun simply because 1. I am lazy and do nothing with my hair now.....and 2. I like to PS with the Castor Oil Challenge.

With this challenge there is a grand prize involved, you may check her blog out here if you are interested. There are also mini challenges revolved around styling. I am horrible at styling so we will see how well I participate in those, however prizes are awarded for those as well.

I will not submit a before pic for the #L4LPSC until January 2013!! I am so excited to be taking part in both challenges and I can't wait to see the massive length retention and overall health improvement that I gain from this!!!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Big Announcement to My Blog Readers, Because I Love You

So I have been MIA and slow on posting. I never thought it would be necessary to keep a hair journal because I blog, however I feel there is so much that I need to say, talk about, tell you all about that I miss out on because I don't have the energy to post, and then when I do....dun dun dun duuuuunnn I have forgot about most of it. So what is going on you might ask? Super tired? Forgetful memory???

Yes I am expecting...and I am announcing probably nontraditionally earlier than most moms, but I am  super excited and horrible at keeping secrets....I just plain ole talk to much lol. I am 7 weeks and due July 28 2013!!! This baby is running me thin, I have absolutely NO ENERGY NONE!!!!

 As some of you may know I have three other children, sometimes I feel like I am being a lousy mom to them, all I do is sleep...or all I do is WANT to sleep, the little time that I am awake, I am forcing myself to do so, to not seem like a bum!!! Thankfully my husband is who he is, I don't know if he is as SUPPORTIVE or UNDERSTANDING ( as he said that my fatigue is only MENTAL, can you believe that!!), or if it is just that he is a clean freak, but he has picked up the housekeeping, cleaning, laundry....I'm still responsible for the cooking though, no budging there. Anywho as you can see just being a human being is a struggle for me let alone keeping up a blog!! Don't fret, I have decided to keep up a notebook to jot down all of my blog ideas, and wash days ect to keep up with you all, that way even if I just sit down one day out of the month and post 15 blogs lol you'll know why and at least I got to get it all out!!!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my posts!! I truly am humbly thankful and I appreciate you all!!!

Scrapping APL Maybe???

Soooo I took my braids out...along with my edges :-( When taking the braids out one just fell out, hair included....I knew it was bad, after washing my hair as you can see, it looks like two braids took allll of my lil hair out.

My plan was to straighten my hair via flat iron with out, relaxing. I have been debating between transitioning or not...I want to, but honestly I am just scared lol.

Moving along, I ended up relaxing my hair anyway.

New Growth Shot----------------------------------> Post Relaxer, wet

I self relaxed using ORS Professionals. Prior to relaxing, I oiled scalp with Castor Oil. I think this is the best self relax that I have done so far. I left the relaxer on for about 25 minutes, when it started to burn I washed it out, only had one chemical burn lol...IKR as if that is something to be proud of.

How do I deal with Chemical Burns?
I let them be, rub with a bit of Tea Tree oil and let it do it's own thing.

Moving right along post relaxer flat iron results!!!

Scrapping APL maybe? I am super excited!!!

Other Flat Ironed Pics



Hoping to make Full APL by January or Feburary!!!! What an exciting journey!!!