My Regimen

Sunday Night:

  • CoWash with Aussie Miraculously Smooth
  • Detangle in Shower
  • DC overnight with Aussie Moist 3 minute miracle or CON Argan Oil Intensive treatment.

Monday Morning:

  • Rinse DC and air dry or tension dry.
  • Apply Moisturizer.
  • Oil scalp  and seal with Liquid Hair Gold
  • Massage scalp in sections
  • Style

(Repeat of Monday... baggy as needed)

Styling: Wear my hair in protective styles 80% of the time, low manipulation styles 15%.

Special Treatments:
Apple Cider Vinegar: Every 2 weeks. alternating.
Black Tea Rinse: Every 2 week, alternating.
Clarify: Once a month
Texlax/Relax: Every 4-6 MONTHS.
Trims: 4-6 Months
*Products used may vary*