Friday, December 16, 2011

Silk Elements MegaSilk Intense Mayo- Review

So I actually purchased this on accident, as this is a protein, I intended to buy the moisturizing DC....anywho I used this, applied as I would a relaxer (i always do this) let it sit for 45 minutes....OMG it left my hair so I've never had my hair feel so soft before. 1st impression, I loved how the mayo, feels itself, its super creamy and it smells nice!! I loved how it felt ON my hair...and how it left my ahir love. I am convinced that the Silk Elements Megasilk line is all that I need =-)


  1. Thx for sharing. I really like all the SE products I tried but I didn't LOVE them so I never repurchased.

  2. IDK, I don’t think that I have experimented with enough prods just yet. I am comparing this DC with what I've received using Shea Moisture, and the results were great!!! I'm kind of like if my hair loves or even likes it just let it be because I am so afraid of trying something new and having a bad reaction and it causing a setback. I do want to try Mizani hydrafuse and that is it!! So hopefully that will be my next review and I can choose between using the Mizani line or SE exclusively.