Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nightmare in Black Images Braiding Salon

Let me tell YALL about my experience here....smh...Ok so I go in and it isn't the nicest looking place but whatever all I wanted was my own hair cornrow'd back, because as I stated I would be wearing my hair in braids underneath, they tell me that would be $40...FORTY DOLLARS??? "Nevermind!!" She then asks, how much did I want to pay...uhhh $20!!!...she accepted that. So there are two braiders, one is twisting dreads, the other is finishing up micros, so about 20 minutes of waiting she finishes with the micros...but she can't do me, bc she doesn't know how to cornrow, "You didn't teach me" is what she said to the owner, so my nerves are shot, as I am sitting here thinking....'she has JUST started on these twists am I really going to wait???", so I sat about 40 minutes and was getting up to leave. "No." she says, "My other girl will be here in 5 minutes...she is walking from home". So I sit back down...30 minutes later a girl who looks no older than 17 walks in with attitude ALLLLLL over her face, she walks in slowly, stops, just stares into space doing absolutely nothing....finally she walks over to her chair and calls me over....I sit down...((this is where the nightmare begins))....

First thing first she grabbed a SMALL tooth comb...and proceeded to the TOP of my hair to comb it out....:-( I stopped her, pulled out my own wide tooth comb, carefully sectioned it...combing it out starting at the ends first...she stops me and says "No. Your ends are fine, you just need to comb the top" {insert confused face...uhhh boo boo I got this} So I finished combing my hair down...she begins to braid...although I could tell she was having trouble and the owner had to come help her a few times. She was being a bit rough with my hair but nothing to bad...UNTIL...she came to a knot...AND SHE JUST BROKE IT!!! The sound of my hair was as clear to me as a bone breaking I swear I was just like WTF...but what could I do, I remained cool....pissed TF off, nevertheless cool....she continues to braid, combing and ish and I just felt like crying, I felt like this would be the cause of my set back...I was just pissed at myself for even coming she comes across another knot...I stopped her...and said "Let me do it."....this is the kicker...she says "No. I gave you your chance to comb it, you didn't do it good oh well."....-_- I had to stop-...did she just say No...and pretty much like she is going to fuck my hair up despite how I feel about it...- yes she did....proceed, I said "Hold up. IDK How yall do things, but you are not about to just be snapping and breaking my hair, if you don't want to take your time, I can get up and go elsewhere, it isn't hurting me to leave...if you want to finish I will be more than happy to show you how to comb through my hair" After that, she just stopped using the comb, except for to part which I was more than pleased with....Afterward, I just put the money down and walked off, I was livid still, though glad she got the picture....It took all I had to remember that she was my "sistah" and refrain from telling her that she can take that nasty ass attitude and go back to Africa, but in the meantime that she is in America and there is such thing as lotion...for those crusty ass ankles!!!....Excuse the "unprofessionalism" of this post, but that heffa brought it out of me smh.

NEEDLESS TO SAY, MY FELLOW ARKANSANS...LITTLE ROCK BOUND...STAY CLEAR OF BLACK IMAGES BRAIDING SALON @ 3408 South University Avenue, Little Rock, AR 72204.Unless you don't mind being talked to any kind of way while having your hair pulled TF out!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wash Day: 3/10/12

Well today was not my usual wash day, but I am getting my hair cornrowed tomorrow. I have decided to keep my hair braided underneath my wigs. Anywho, so I decided to wash and DC today bc I will attempt to stretch my wash days to every two weeks while getting the braids.

So I parted my hair in 4 sections.

Cowashed with Mizani Moisturfuse, applying the conditioner section by section, working it into my hair and onto my scalp.
I then rinsed it out, section by section.
Towel blotted dry, section by section.
Applied Mizani Fulfyl Conditioning Treatment, section by section.
I kept my hair parted in the cross and sectured each section with a bobby pin.
Place two plastic caps and went to sleep (4 hours)
Woke up, rinsed it out, section by section.
Applied Mizani D'Tangle leave in, section by section.
Followed by Paul Mitchell Super Skinny.

my plan was to air dry but because I had to rush off to work I decided to blow dry.
Washing in sections did make it easier to access my scalp without tangling it so much.
Keeping it in sections throughout the entire process made it so much easier overall.
Usually after washing, my hair is so tangled that I can't even section it off to detangle effeciently. But this wash day was simply a pleasure overall!!! I will definetly be implementing this routine into my regimen.
My hair was easily detangled with minimum breakage,and left shiny and fabulous!!!

Here are a few random texture shots; as I am 11 weeks post!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Shay Goes Curly!!

Half Wig.
Brand: Freetress
Name: Celtic Girl
Color: 1B
I don't know what to say other than I love her!!! LOL!! She looks very natural, especially since I have new growth, she blends well.

I like that I can "fluff" her up into a big fro :-)

Pre-Blog; Next Wash Day

First off let me celebrate that I am now 11 weeks post!!!! HOOORAYYYY!!!! My new growth has been a serious BITCH, since about 7 weeks. I was looking at relaxing at 10, if not 9 weeks. I shut down for a few weeks, simply washing and DC' I am back in the game...IDK if I will stretch for 20 weeks, but I will go for 16 :-)...IDK, I am also thinking about braiding my hair in cornrows and and stretching my wash days to every two weeks....but anywho, back to the original intention of this blog.

So as my newgrowth is growing, becoming thicker, I think for my next wash (Sunday 2/11/12) I will wash it in sections. This last wash, I just felt like I could not get to my scalp good with out tangling my hair up something terrible. Oh BTW, I just clarified March 1, so I am good to cowash for the rest of the month. Anywho, I will be washing my hair in sections to easily access my scalp without havng to fight through all of this bush at once lol.

Followed by an oil rinse with coconut oil; which I plan to sit under the dryer for 45 minutes. (I will apply the oil by sections as well)

Rinse the oil with warm water, run through with Mizani Moisturefuse, and rinse with cold water.

I will then apply Mizani D'Tangle leave in, followed by Paul Mitchell Super Skinny.

Don't know if I will air dry or blow dry; depends on time available I suppose.

Oh yea, I will resume using castor oil as well...when I tell ya Feb I totally dropped the ball on my hair...I TELL YA but I am back in action so let's GROW GIRLS!!!!!