Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goals & Updates :-)

I haven't written in a while!! School WAS kicking my boo-hind...but I managed to grab the bull by the horn and win the fight!!! That, and adjusting to my husband being gone more than usual now, so it's just me handling the household and the kiddos. I have managed to maintain my hair reggie, which is wash & DC on Sundays, Baggy, Seal, Castor Oil and Massage Scalp on Monday & Wednesdays. Really haven't got much of an update seeing how I shared my wig haul lol so I am good for the moment on that, haven't brought any new products, guess I am just content and simmering out of my hyper newbie excitement now...I didn't share with you all my mini achievement which was for the back of my hair to reach full NL and touch the bottom or base of my neck, before it was just hovering :-)

So for me I have calmed down off of the rush of length, and now able to fully appreciate the health of my hair.

While it seems as tho I JUST blogged my September goals, now it's already time to move along with October goals...which will be very similar seeing that September was an epic fail for me...
September Goals
1. Zumba 2-3xs a week -
Did not even exercise at ALL, I am just starting this last week of September.
2. Take Biotin daily - EPIC FAIL!!! Only took it like 2 days :-(.
3. Simply wash, massage scalp, air dry, M&S,
4. Wear wig all month, VERY MINIMUM manipulation to the hair.
5. scalp massager & Silk Elements moisturizing Tx.
bought the massager, and instead of Silk Elements, I bought Shea Moisture.
Yeaaaa about this....FAIL!!!!!!!!

So as for October goals, let's try this again!!

1. Cardio 2x a week Jillian Micheals 1-2x a week (NO EXCUSES)
2. Take Biotin Everyday
3. Continue with keeping it simple with my hair, and wigging.
5. Drink water (64oz/day) only for 1st and 2nd week in October

Saturday, September 17, 2011


So I've gone back to wigging...its simple easy and allows a break from my hair!! Last Sunday I washed, moisturized, sealed it, allowed it to air dry, pulled it back...and have not touched it since what I will have to go through come Monday is a whole different post lol....

In the past 2 weeks, I have purchased 4 different wigs....smh I know.. 1 was a curly cue by Freetress...Material Girl, she tangled and frizzed to easy...besides she was a whole wig that looked to wiggy and I couldnt style her as a half, so I chunked her after a few days...

I LOOOOVED her bounce and body tho!!

I then got "Nicki" by....i dont remember, just because I am a die hard Nicki Minaj fan...she is a long straight bob, short in the back.....she is cute...but I HATE chinese bangs, I knew this before I bought her, but being a Barb, I overlooked it...until I had to wear her...UGH!!!! LOL theeeeen I added curls in her, and though it was cute....just wasnt't the same....not only that I was planning a date night with my hubster...and I NEEDED something a bit more sexy :-).....

and the back!!

That brings us to....LFE-Poly...I think she is by Freetress (I will have to go back and check) she is a Lacefront...($69.99 online, $99.00 at my BSS lol) She broke my LF virginity...and proud of my 1st timer results I have fallen in love!!! She looks so natural, I just whip her back and forth :-D....

so where does the 4th one come in??

Well I was over Nicki...and seeing that Poly cost me $100 and is synthetic I decided to save her for special I bought this curly cue as my everyday wear hair :-)
Cute and simple

Needless to say, I am in BSS jail lol no more wigs until these past 2 weeks were ridiculous!!! LOL

Oh and I forgot about her...I actually bought her AFTER Material Girl...and before Nicki...I bought Nicki bc hubby thought I looked silly in brown hair....or at least that was my excuse lol...I actually gave her to my mom...but now I want her back :-/

Friday, September 9, 2011


YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! I can officially wear a high bun on the TIZZY TOP of my head :-) My nape now reaches up there...for the most part, and I bobby pinned the freelances...Im so excited...I just can't hide it!!! :-D

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque review

Hey Listas!!!!! I recently picked this up from Walgreens. I know it is for natural hair but seeing that I stretch, I figured it could help me out...bc my new growth gets wicked tight and hard from being so tightly coiled!!! So I washed with V05 Clarifying Conditioner....and DC'd with this for 30 minutes under the dryer. It is now 4 days post my new growth is still soft as conjunction with this I have started Harlistas Castor Oil challenge so I've been oiling my scalp twice a week my hair has been just my reggie now will consist of:
Washing and DC-ing once a week,
Baggying twice a week and sealing,
Oiling scalp with Castor oil twice a week with scalp massages,
and moisturizing as needed

Anywho 1st use of Shea Moisture Deep Moisture Tx ......I LOVE!!!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

In To Deep!!!

So the longer I am on my HHJ, the more I learn. I came into this reading other regimens, and I started with the basics, which nothing is wrong with that...but I would wash, moisturize and seal...that was about it...I would carefully detangle, wear protective styles, and take my growth aids...and would DC when I felt the need to.

I had a regimen so to say but it was for starters...I've had progress...

but now its time to up the anti and become a bit more detailed.
I have joined the Castor Oil Challenge...and today I youtubed to see HOW to apply the castor oil...bc I did it lazily and felt no results....

So I went to my BSS found some hair clips (they are SO cute...big, pink & glittery) anyway, I parted my hair in 4 sections (BTW this is after a wash with V05 Clarifying conditioner and a 30 min DC with Shea Moisture Masque, clipped each section... leaving the one section I was working on out, I parted with my fingers and applied the castor oil on my scalp...I did the effortlessly and in no time!!! Afterwards, I flat ironed it...per section...and that was quick and easy as well!!!!! I am slow but I never realized how convenient the clips made things...I usueally just tried to run the oil on my scalp by digging through the hair, or steady parting off sections and rubber banding the rest...

This just showed me tho I was headed in the right direction, that I haven't quiet reached perfecting my reggie...and I am loving learning along the way.

My hair is no SUPER STUPID SOFT!!! I wrapped it up, put on a wig cap and threw my wig back on.

I will wash again on Wednesday with Hair One and use my Aphogee conditioner...

I hate always makes me feel like my ends are ratchet!!

Truth About Oil!

Are you looking for a list of the best natural hair oils for black hair care? Finding the right oils for your hair care regimen all depends on your hair goals.

There are many natural oils with a wide variety of benefits and nutrients that can be used for black hair care. Commonly used for their fragrance, healing properties, and cosmetic benefits, natural oils can be found in many lotions, soaps, creams, moisturizers, perfumes, and other beauty products.

Extracted from plants, flowers, nuts, seeds, bushes, and fruits, natural hair oils are comprised of many unique and beneficial properties that can:

- Add shine to hair - Supply the scalp with nourishing nutrients - Promote hair growth - Prevent hair loss - Keep dandruff at bay

Natural hair oils for black hair care can best be used for:

- Sealing in moisture - Scalp massages - Protecting the ends of hair - Hot Oil Treatments - Hair Growth

When selecting the right natural oils there are two different types to consider, essential oils and carrier oils. Essential oils (EO) are extracted from plants, flowers, and bushes and distilled for their aromatic properties. Typically, these oils are used for aromatherapy and massage purposes. Carrier oils (CO) are used to dilute essential oils and other hair oils onto the skin. They are used to "carry" essential oils onto the skin. Many CO’s are used for cooking, baking, and massage purposes.

List of some essential and carrier oils:

Essential oils: - Eucalyptus Oil - Grapefruit Oil - Juniper Oil - Lemon Oil - Oregano Oil - Sandalwood Oil - Tangerine Oil - Frankincense Oil - Lavender Oil - Lemon Oil - Myrrh Oil - Rose Oil - Spearmint Oil - Tea Tree Oil - Ylang Ylang Oil - Peppermint Oil - Mandarin Oil - Rosemary Oil - Sweet Orange Oil - Vanilla Oil - Jasmine Oil

Carrier oils:

- Almond Oil - Apricot Kernel Oil - Avocado Oil - Burdock Oil - Camellia Oil - Castor Oil - Cocoa Oil - Evening Primrose Oil - Grape seed Oil - Jojoba Oil - Kukui Nut Oil - Macadamia Nut Oil - Meadowfoam Oil - Olive Oil - Peanut Oil - Rose Hip Oil - Safflower Oil - Sesame Oil - Shea Oil - Sunflower Oil

Essential Oils for Hair Care

Cedarwood - has good astringent properties which work well on oily skin. It is used as a fragrance and it also known to promote hair growth.

Chamomile - helps to protect dry skin and is good for all skin types.

Eucalyptus - mainly used for fragrance in cosmetics but also good for oily skin.

Jasmine - used as a fragrance in hair products, cosmetics, and perfumes.

Lavendar - used mainly to scent products. Has been known to promote hair growth.

Lemongrass - a good fragrance for products.

Patchouli - can be used as a fragrance. Also good for oily hair and skin.

Peppermint - helps to increase circulation and stimulates the scalps production of natural oils.

Rosemary - helps to stimulate scalp and prevent hair loss.

Sandalwood - can be used as a fragrance but is also good for dry skin.

Ylang Ylang - has been known to stimulate hair growth. Good for oily skin. Can also be used as a fragrance.

Base Oils for Hair Care

Apricot Kernel - a great softening oil which is especially beneficial for sensitive skin.

Almond (Sweet) - used on hair for softness and has good lubricating & conditioning properties.

Avocado - great for dry and mature skin.

Canola - helps to soften hair and add sheen.

Castor - a good hair protectant.

Coconut - an excellent moisturizing & protective oil which helps hair retain moisture.

Evening Primrose - an excellent oil for dry hair.

Grapeseed - a good antioxidant which helps to protect sensitive skin.

Hemp Seed - has good regenerative properties and absorbs well.

Jojoba - helps hair retain moisture, protects, & softens. It is the oil most similar to our scalps natural oils.

Macadamia Nut - helps dry hair to retain moisture.

Neem - works well on dry hair, but has a very strong odor. Also has antibacterial properties as well.

Olive - an excellent all purpose oil which is a good conditioner for hair.

Safflower - has excellent moisturizing properties.

Sunflower - great for dry and damaged hair. Also works well as a conditioner.

Wheat Germ - used to condition hair. Great for dry skin and hair.

Goals Shmoals......

Well it's the 4th day in September and I have only gone 1 day without drinking sodas or juice...I HAVE GOT TO DO BETTER!!!!!