Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dedicated To Newbies

Excuse the blahhh appeal that this post may carry, I am submitting it from my phone.

This post is dedicated to my fellow "newbies" I consider myself a Junior newbie lol, while I have learned a lot in my 5 months of hair care, I'm still learning A LOT!!

During this journey I have experimented with products, but listening to others & focusing on health & length, I've been afraid to try new products, forcing myself to stick to ONE LINE!!!

It just hit me, newbies, we should not focus so much on obtaining length w/in the 1st year, as we should be getting acquainted with & learning to love our hair. I know it's exciting but just think beginning your HHJ is the 1st step, as ling as u are caring for your hair, no matter how many set backs you have, it will grow & be healthy. I started off excited about the journey & just realized that the excitement had already fizzled out of fear of doing something wrong. The most important part of the HHJ is the "J" enjoy the journey...enjoy your hair :-))



  1. I agree. While I have a length goal for the year, my main focus will be building a regime that works. I want to find products that work for my hair and get my routine down packed. I figure the length will follow.

  2. Good for you!!! I think I stopped "listening" to my hair, in such a rush to get a regimen down pact so I can obtain length! I do have a goal as well? But I can't let that over power the journey.

  3. I completely agree!! Even as HHJ "vets" sometimes we get too caught up in reaching the next milestone and stop actually enjoying the journey! Great post!

  4. This a great post! I was literally just standing in the mirror thinking I might keep my hair at the same length for a while until I'm please with it's condition, before trying to grow it out.