Thursday, December 29, 2011

Did I Just????

Yes I did.
Yesterday I relaxed my wasn't planned...and I was only 9 weeks post my last relaxer...I was attempting to flat iron my hair...and noticed that over 50% of my hair was "texlaxed" & I could see the different textures after straightening 1/4th of my I thought "If I keep stretching while I am already under-processed, then I will eventually just be texlaxed" sooo without a second thought I grabbed my half container of Motions, and went to work. I quickly oiled my scalp with Castor oil, and I had about half an inch of new growth, but because my main target was the previous under-processed areas I applied the relaxer almost all over my whole strand. I then parted each section and slide my fingers over it (thumb & index) to smooth it out. It turned out fairly well...except the last section I did, still looks under-processed when wet, but flat ironing it, it looked just peachy :-)
Next relaxer still set for April...that will be a professional relaxing and getting ends clipped...Im afraid that I haven't much retention, I protective style 100% of the time, but when I am bunning, I still have to brush my hair up in a bun almost daily....and when I was doing the black tea rinses my hair seemed "rougher" and seemed to break I'm really just feeling blahh about my hair right now :-(....I may go get my ends clipped Friday, just to see the damage that was done and get the fear out of the way lol.


  1. I know exactly how you feel about the under processed parts of your hair. I can't wait to get mine sorted out. I am babying it like nobody's business. It gets a thorough M&S (parting in sections along the way)once a day and then another M&S before bed which is a little less thorough. I just don't want it to break off before I get a chance to slap some relaxer on it.

    Glad yours came out okay. Did you feel naughty relaxing at 9 weeks post? Hehehe (",)