Monday, August 29, 2011


Wellllll I don't really know WHAT happened, all I know is, I showered my hair got damp, I used a wide tooth comb and on the left side of my head hair was just pouring out....the comb was not pulling, there was no snapping hair pieces. It was like the hair ws already broken just sitting there waiting to be combed out. On the right and back of my head absolutely nothing came out, no breakage.

The only thing I could think of that would have caused this is, the other day I could not get bobby pins through my bun so i FORCED them in and even bit the lil ball ends off so it would be pointier...IDK if it is able to cut my hair like that, but whatever happened I was heart broken, truly heart broken.

SO no more manipulation styles for me. I will be wigging it up, I am even afraid to get box braids now :-(

Sunday, August 28, 2011


So for August, my goals:

1. Continue with regimen every week. done
2. Allow one heat pass
3. Buy Mizani Overnight Treatment
4. Lose 5 pounds.... FAIL!!! (not even 1!)
5. Purchase and use Biotin every day. Havent taken them in the last 4 days, but thats pretty good considering how bad I am with taking meds consistently.

September Goals.

1. Zumba 2-3xs a week
2. Take Biotin daily
3. Simply wash, massage scalp, air dry, M&S,
4. Wear wig all month, no manipulation to the hair.
5. Buy scalp massager & Silk Elements moisturizing Tx.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Soooooo Where do I begin...On Monday the 15, you guys know I relaxed, so then this past Monday (1 week post) after research I decided to make my own concoction; Molasses, 1 Egg, Yogurt, & Africa's best hair oil with a dab of my fav I DC'd with that, for about 30 minutes, hair felt SUPER UBER Hard so I dc'd with Hot Oil and a Moisturizing conditioner...I pulled it back and bunned it tho it still did not feel like itself but oh well it was bunned (in my faux bun) ALSO: Quick review on that thing, I had it for 4 days and the poor thing came apart!! WASTE:: Anywho so it came apart and I had to work so I attempted to flat iron my hair with my Instyler, I M&S'd, applied my protectant...even on the lowest setting my hair was burning, I had no idea WHY...usually the Instyler does me good...and my hair seemed to be breaking MORE!!!! Not like bad breakage, but just more broken pieces than there had I just pulled my hair back and wore my own lil ponytail :-( LOL...and I was distraught by it acting up so for 2 days I just let it be. So today, I cowashed with Hair One...did the whole REGULAR regiman...and my hair has resumed to it's normal self :-))

Lesson Of The Day: KISS KEEP IT SIMPLE SISTAH!!! LOL I have learned that my hair is not wants moisture, cleansing, and protection...all that hoo-fla I'm leaving to those who NEED it...AND I will stick to store brought items...leave it to the professionals LOL...anywho I have resumed bunning...

(Check the breakage in my "bang" can't wait till thats grown out :-()

My plan is to bun for now... I SAID I would get box braids next month, but IDK I kinda wanna throw on a wig before I do the braids...we will see...but I HOPE to protective style all Fall & Winter until next Spring....I really don't go out much sooooo no real need to wear my hair down, except out of excitement to do length checks lol

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Look Of the Week :-)

Well I told you all that I will be bunning until late September, mid I am just playing with a few styles to keep it unique and fresh...

I just parted a middle section, and TRIED my best at a flat two strand twist.

(will post a pic of the twist tomorrow for, forgot to upload it, and no longer with my phone :-(

Then pulled the rest back and secured my premade "Masterpiece" braided bun :-)

Ya Like!?!?!?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bunning Until September!!!!!!!!!

I have GOT to bun until the end of September (at least) My hair the front (or sides) have reached the length that it always gets (SL) and then "stops" growing, or I cut it...Soooo I am now bunning until the end of September or mid October (Bday and Anniversary is on the 18th :-) with NO length checks...I want to be surprised :-) So I will continue to M&S daily, Cowash weekly, ect...and see where this takes me...EXCITING!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Relaxer & Growth Update


Sooooooo this is my hair post relaxer!!! LOL I know not to impressive, but I was 20 weeks post, and it had begun to burn...I figured a healthy scalp was far more important than a successful relaxer...See that in itself is a milestone in this I was always to to "grin and bear it", that "beauty was pain" Gosh I remember I used to pick scabs off of my scalp and the sores bleeding :-( I had some so bad once that my hair had gotten dried up in the blood, turned scab and I had to comb the scab out to get my hair from underneath it...ewww any way far from those days now lol.

I am about 6 weeks into my journey now, and my hair is already improving :-)

Beginning of HHJ

1 Month Later

I'd have to say my ultimate fav product right now is Glover's Growth Solution, it really moisturizes, and I LOOOOOVE the way that it makes my scalp tingle :-)

This is my hair flat ironed with the instyler at 18 weeks post relaxer..

This is the same side post relaxer (about 3 weeks after photo above)

This is my thinner and shorter side flat ironed at 18 weeks post.

This is the same side post relaxer:

Seeing that my hair started breaking at 20 weeks, I will no longer attempt to stretch that long, I will try to relaxer every 16 weeks or so, that should put me at about 4 relaxers per year...not to bad, considering what my hair is used to lol!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

I haven't updated in awhile bc I had just been doing the same old same old. But I did find out that my hair had begun breaking at my line of demarcation from stretching. So I decided to go ahead and relax it.

Sooo today was RELAX day which turned out as a Tex lax!!! I was about 20 weeks post & my new growth was so tightly coiled & hard whoo wee anything is better than nothing!!! Hope this stops the breaking at my demarcation line. Guess I will let it air dry & straighten it. My plan was to bun it but I wasn't able to get my faux clip on bun today so I'll have to w8 until Friday!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Before The Journey Began


This is my hair in 07, I was in nursing school. Still never really took CARE of my hair, but this is also before I put color or wore extentions. This is the longest my hair has ever been. SL.

This is in 08, feeling bored, I decided to do this HORRID assym bob!!!

This is later in 08 after trying to color my own hair:-( The color didnt turn out right, needless to say, and so I but in a rinse and got more of it chopped off!!

(excuse the crossed eyes...I was being silly) This is in 09...I got it colored professionally...(still hadn't learned) As short as it is, I have extensions on the sides, to add volume, it was hella thin and broken off so uneven...It wouldn't look decent without the extensions (which were GLUED in!!!)

This is is early 2010, me without extensions trying to style my hair in a way that it looked decent...this is the best I could do...ughhh...couple of relaxers later...the color now dull.

This is early this year 2011...right before my last cut.

Last cut in LIFE!!! Lol March 2011!!!

And this was taken last month (3 months post relaxer) Flat Ironed (Instyler, new growth bumped)

Monday, August 8, 2011

THE NATURAL HAVEN: Why do the first five ingredients on a hair produc...

THE NATURAL HAVEN: Why do the first five ingredients on a hair produc...: "I am here to save you from digesting too much information. The first five ingredients are all you need to know for three products: shampoos..."
I have never understood why the order of ingedients mattered :-/ This is kinda cleared things up for meh!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Got Goals!!!

My Only Goal for July was to adhere to my regimen....DONE!!!

So for August, my goals:

1. Continue with regimen every week.
2. Allow one heat pass
3. Buy Mizani Overnight Treatment
4. Lose 5 pounds
5. Purchase and use Biotin every day.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Unblissfully Ignorant

SOOOO to update my brilliant idea of sleeping in my baggy...does it work?? YES!!!! my hair is super duper moisturized.... BUT will I do it again?? Not on my freshly bone straight flat ironing... It made my hair get damp:-( it quickly dried & was left really soft but of course the humidity under the cap called out the new growth... Didn't take that in consideration blahhhh