Saturday, December 24, 2011

Non Hair Related Post-

2011 has not been a very exciting year for me. The make up of this year pretty much is, take kids to school, go home, pick them up, go home, take kids to karate, go home...sleep...wake up & do it alll over again, then on weekends add in work :-/

My very bah-hum-bug life has rubbed off on me, seeing that I go nowhere, I never take the time to dress up, every now & then I will throw on some make up, but outfits, pretty much consist of jeans & tshirts, my aweful floral print babydoll flats, or scrubs. I have even fell in love with Pajama Jeans, and swear had they not been $40, I would probably own 5 pair, just to wear everyday!!! LOL

Well I read a fellow Lista & follower on Twitter's bio which read
"Always dress like you are going to see your worst enemy"

& thought...I must make this my theme for 2012!!! You can be fashionably cute & comfortable, I just need to take the initiave....I don't even think I've been to the mall this year... HORRIBLE!!

First & foremost I need to think of a challenging yet obtainable workout regimen, I would love my worst enemy to see me 15-20 lbs lighter.

Secondly, every pay period I must by myself at LEAST one item of clothing, whether it be shoes, lingerie ;-), tops, dresses, ect. WHATEVER!!

Also I HAVE to step outside of my comfort zone...I am not a fashion forward chick, I love to look cute, but my style is pretty basic...either Im in a dress & jewlery w/ round toe 5 in stilettos, OR I'm in skinny jeans, a cute blouse, tank, or baby tee with round toe stilettos, or snow boots...or baby doll flats lol...I don't know how to layer, combine, or mix & match. I figure I can surf YT channels or Pinterest for new ideas, but my plan is when I go to buy me something IT CAN NOT BE MY TYPICAL WEAR!!! I need FASHION in my life, not just clothing, BORING!!!
Hopefully I can start adding OOTD pics up as well as hair pics too & yall can witness me 1st hand, getting my ish together!! LOL

So cheer my on you guys & send prayers up for me...Shay has GOT TO get her groove back :-D


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