Friday, December 16, 2011

2012 Goals!!!

Okay so I have decided to plan out my year (hair wise) My goal is to wear protective styles 100% of the time, throughout the entire year...and do a length reveal @ midnight on Jan 1, 2013!!!

Minor dilemmas...My hunny & I will be celebrating our 5th Anniversary in October, he is super happy about me deciding to grow my hair out (he says weaves are palyed out) I would like to wear my hair out that night for him...but that is so close to Dec...if anyone saw my length then they wouldnt really be in awe come time for my length reveal :-(

Oh well I will figure it out!

This is my hair schedule =-)

Jan-March: Braids

April: Relax

April-May: Bun/Wig

June-September: Braids

October: Relax

November-Dec: Wig/Bun

Jan: LENGTH REVEAL!!!!!!!!


Do you guys have any plans for this upcoming year? What are your hair goals???


  1. Maybe you shouldn't post any pics of you on ur anniversary. That way the big reveal will still be a huge surprise. Also that day is mostly all about you two so I doubt U'll be seeing much of other people. Just a suggestion.
    My year goals:
    1. Grow from SL to full APL
    2. Stick to my regime (not necessarily the products).
    3. Learn new styles (at least 5) and perfect.
    4. Relax a max of 4 times.
    5. Use direct heat a max of 1x/mo. (not including hooded dryer).