From The Beginning

Hi!  New to the hair world...ironically mom is a- well was a beautician....but didn't take care of my hair lol...I recently asked her how old I was when I first got relaxed and she said FOUR!!!!! I could have cried :-( I would never do that to my baby's head :-(( I remember my head burning, and she would say to think of a cup of ice cold water in the north pole lol that never helped...but beauty is pain right:-/ The thought of the sodium hydroxide burning the aluminum can in "Good Hair" makes me cringe knowing that is what was happening to my scalp when it was "burning" Even as I grew into my adult life I would lie to my stylist and say it didn't burn just because I wasn't ready for them to wash it out!
At 14 I remember having a lot of horrible, and we would just cut my hair...which is probably why now, even tho I love long hair, once my hair would get to a certain length, me not knowing how to care for it, I would just chop it off.
I recently was having a moment. I wore a lot of weaves, wigs, phony ponies ect...I never wore my real hair...and when taking down my weaves or wigs I would be disgusted at my ratted up ends...and untamed hair so I decided that since I never wore my readl hair anyway, I would just do the big chop and go natural.
That is what I said, tho I didn't really want to do it, I was frustrated and wanted to care for my hair. Upon googling "How to care for AA hair" of course I got a lot of natural search results so I decided just to see what I would get if I googled how to care for RELAXED hair...I was amazed at how much info I got, even more amazed at the many blogs I seen and how many of us actually had "regimens" and naturally long hair!!!

Usually when I would see a blk girl with long hair, I would think she is I think "She has a regimen" lol I really do think that now lol.

Anywho that is where it all began for me, frustration & the big chop (which never happened) lol I love my hair to much for all that!!

So far I am glad to say that I have not worn any weave in about a week and a half...I have fallen in love with twist outs!!! :-)