Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Before The Journey Began


This is my hair in 07, I was in nursing school. Still never really took CARE of my hair, but this is also before I put color or wore extentions. This is the longest my hair has ever been. SL.

This is in 08, feeling bored, I decided to do this HORRID assym bob!!!

This is later in 08 after trying to color my own hair:-( The color didnt turn out right, needless to say, and so I but in a rinse and got more of it chopped off!!

(excuse the crossed eyes...I was being silly) This is in 09...I got it colored professionally...(still hadn't learned) As short as it is, I have extensions on the sides, to add volume, it was hella thin and broken off so uneven...It wouldn't look decent without the extensions (which were GLUED in!!!)

This is is early 2010, me without extensions trying to style my hair in a way that it looked decent...this is the best I could do...ughhh...couple of relaxers later...the color now dull.

This is early this year 2011...right before my last cut.

Last cut in LIFE!!! Lol March 2011!!!

And this was taken last month (3 months post relaxer) Flat Ironed (Instyler, new growth bumped)

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