Monday, August 15, 2011

I haven't updated in awhile bc I had just been doing the same old same old. But I did find out that my hair had begun breaking at my line of demarcation from stretching. So I decided to go ahead and relax it.

Sooo today was RELAX day which turned out as a Tex lax!!! I was about 20 weeks post & my new growth was so tightly coiled & hard whoo wee anything is better than nothing!!! Hope this stops the breaking at my demarcation line. Guess I will let it air dry & straighten it. My plan was to bun it but I wasn't able to get my faux clip on bun today so I'll have to w8 until Friday!!


  1. Hi

    If you have some old weave you could make a faux bun. I found this post by PreCi0uSsS on youtube really helpful when I made mine. It was good because I only needed to use 2 hair pins!


  2. THANKS SO MUCH!!! I do have some & its a lot and I was just looking at it thinking I had wasted my money bc I'm no longer getting weaves glued or sewn in!!! Lol thanks a bunch!!!

  3. No probs (",) Looking forward to seeing your post if you make one. Apparently the older the weave the better it looks.