Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Relaxer & Growth Update


Sooooooo this is my hair post relaxer!!! LOL I know not to impressive, but I was 20 weeks post, and it had begun to burn...I figured a healthy scalp was far more important than a successful relaxer...See that in itself is a milestone in this I was always to to "grin and bear it", that "beauty was pain" Gosh I remember I used to pick scabs off of my scalp and the sores bleeding :-( I had some so bad once that my hair had gotten dried up in the blood, turned scab and I had to comb the scab out to get my hair from underneath it...ewww any way far from those days now lol.

I am about 6 weeks into my journey now, and my hair is already improving :-)

Beginning of HHJ

1 Month Later

I'd have to say my ultimate fav product right now is Glover's Growth Solution, it really moisturizes, and I LOOOOOVE the way that it makes my scalp tingle :-)

This is my hair flat ironed with the instyler at 18 weeks post relaxer..

This is the same side post relaxer (about 3 weeks after photo above)

This is my thinner and shorter side flat ironed at 18 weeks post.

This is the same side post relaxer:

Seeing that my hair started breaking at 20 weeks, I will no longer attempt to stretch that long, I will try to relaxer every 16 weeks or so, that should put me at about 4 relaxers per year...not to bad, considering what my hair is used to lol!!!

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