Friday, August 26, 2011


Soooooo Where do I begin...On Monday the 15, you guys know I relaxed, so then this past Monday (1 week post) after research I decided to make my own concoction; Molasses, 1 Egg, Yogurt, & Africa's best hair oil with a dab of my fav I DC'd with that, for about 30 minutes, hair felt SUPER UBER Hard so I dc'd with Hot Oil and a Moisturizing conditioner...I pulled it back and bunned it tho it still did not feel like itself but oh well it was bunned (in my faux bun) ALSO: Quick review on that thing, I had it for 4 days and the poor thing came apart!! WASTE:: Anywho so it came apart and I had to work so I attempted to flat iron my hair with my Instyler, I M&S'd, applied my protectant...even on the lowest setting my hair was burning, I had no idea WHY...usually the Instyler does me good...and my hair seemed to be breaking MORE!!!! Not like bad breakage, but just more broken pieces than there had I just pulled my hair back and wore my own lil ponytail :-( LOL...and I was distraught by it acting up so for 2 days I just let it be. So today, I cowashed with Hair One...did the whole REGULAR regiman...and my hair has resumed to it's normal self :-))

Lesson Of The Day: KISS KEEP IT SIMPLE SISTAH!!! LOL I have learned that my hair is not wants moisture, cleansing, and protection...all that hoo-fla I'm leaving to those who NEED it...AND I will stick to store brought items...leave it to the professionals LOL...anywho I have resumed bunning...

(Check the breakage in my "bang" can't wait till thats grown out :-()

My plan is to bun for now... I SAID I would get box braids next month, but IDK I kinda wanna throw on a wig before I do the braids...we will see...but I HOPE to protective style all Fall & Winter until next Spring....I really don't go out much sooooo no real need to wear my hair down, except out of excitement to do length checks lol

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