Saturday, September 17, 2011


So I've gone back to wigging...its simple easy and allows a break from my hair!! Last Sunday I washed, moisturized, sealed it, allowed it to air dry, pulled it back...and have not touched it since what I will have to go through come Monday is a whole different post lol....

In the past 2 weeks, I have purchased 4 different wigs....smh I know.. 1 was a curly cue by Freetress...Material Girl, she tangled and frizzed to easy...besides she was a whole wig that looked to wiggy and I couldnt style her as a half, so I chunked her after a few days...

I LOOOOVED her bounce and body tho!!

I then got "Nicki" by....i dont remember, just because I am a die hard Nicki Minaj fan...she is a long straight bob, short in the back.....she is cute...but I HATE chinese bangs, I knew this before I bought her, but being a Barb, I overlooked it...until I had to wear her...UGH!!!! LOL theeeeen I added curls in her, and though it was cute....just wasnt't the same....not only that I was planning a date night with my hubster...and I NEEDED something a bit more sexy :-).....

and the back!!

That brings us to....LFE-Poly...I think she is by Freetress (I will have to go back and check) she is a Lacefront...($69.99 online, $99.00 at my BSS lol) She broke my LF virginity...and proud of my 1st timer results I have fallen in love!!! She looks so natural, I just whip her back and forth :-D....

so where does the 4th one come in??

Well I was over Nicki...and seeing that Poly cost me $100 and is synthetic I decided to save her for special I bought this curly cue as my everyday wear hair :-)
Cute and simple

Needless to say, I am in BSS jail lol no more wigs until these past 2 weeks were ridiculous!!! LOL

Oh and I forgot about her...I actually bought her AFTER Material Girl...and before Nicki...I bought Nicki bc hubby thought I looked silly in brown hair....or at least that was my excuse lol...I actually gave her to my mom...but now I want her back :-/

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