Sunday, September 4, 2011

In To Deep!!!

So the longer I am on my HHJ, the more I learn. I came into this reading other regimens, and I started with the basics, which nothing is wrong with that...but I would wash, moisturize and seal...that was about it...I would carefully detangle, wear protective styles, and take my growth aids...and would DC when I felt the need to.

I had a regimen so to say but it was for starters...I've had progress...

but now its time to up the anti and become a bit more detailed.
I have joined the Castor Oil Challenge...and today I youtubed to see HOW to apply the castor oil...bc I did it lazily and felt no results....

So I went to my BSS found some hair clips (they are SO cute...big, pink & glittery) anyway, I parted my hair in 4 sections (BTW this is after a wash with V05 Clarifying conditioner and a 30 min DC with Shea Moisture Masque, clipped each section... leaving the one section I was working on out, I parted with my fingers and applied the castor oil on my scalp...I did the effortlessly and in no time!!! Afterwards, I flat ironed it...per section...and that was quick and easy as well!!!!! I am slow but I never realized how convenient the clips made things...I usueally just tried to run the oil on my scalp by digging through the hair, or steady parting off sections and rubber banding the rest...

This just showed me tho I was headed in the right direction, that I haven't quiet reached perfecting my reggie...and I am loving learning along the way.

My hair is no SUPER STUPID SOFT!!! I wrapped it up, put on a wig cap and threw my wig back on.

I will wash again on Wednesday with Hair One and use my Aphogee conditioner...

I hate always makes me feel like my ends are ratchet!!

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  1. Adding a serum (cones) to damp hair really helps to calm the frizz when airdrying!

    Ciao 4 Now
    Tama (",)