Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wash Day: 3/10/12

Well today was not my usual wash day, but I am getting my hair cornrowed tomorrow. I have decided to keep my hair braided underneath my wigs. Anywho, so I decided to wash and DC today bc I will attempt to stretch my wash days to every two weeks while getting the braids.

So I parted my hair in 4 sections.

Cowashed with Mizani Moisturfuse, applying the conditioner section by section, working it into my hair and onto my scalp.
I then rinsed it out, section by section.
Towel blotted dry, section by section.
Applied Mizani Fulfyl Conditioning Treatment, section by section.
I kept my hair parted in the cross and sectured each section with a bobby pin.
Place two plastic caps and went to sleep (4 hours)
Woke up, rinsed it out, section by section.
Applied Mizani D'Tangle leave in, section by section.
Followed by Paul Mitchell Super Skinny.

my plan was to air dry but because I had to rush off to work I decided to blow dry.
Washing in sections did make it easier to access my scalp without tangling it so much.
Keeping it in sections throughout the entire process made it so much easier overall.
Usually after washing, my hair is so tangled that I can't even section it off to detangle effeciently. But this wash day was simply a pleasure overall!!! I will definetly be implementing this routine into my regimen.
My hair was easily detangled with minimum breakage,and left shiny and fabulous!!!

Here are a few random texture shots; as I am 11 weeks post!


  1. Washing in sections is a life saver!!!

    Seeing your texture shots makes me miss having 11+ post weeks of newgrowth.


  2. @Simply Into My Hair I thought I was the only one who missed my new growth after I relaxed it!! LOL Have you ever thought of going natural???

    I've considered it, but I know that would just be a bit much for me lol

  3. I love washing/deep conditioning/pre-pooing in 4 sections. It makes the entire process so much easier!

  4. look at your NG imagine how your hair would look all natural lol. nice