Friday, March 9, 2012

Pre-Blog; Next Wash Day

First off let me celebrate that I am now 11 weeks post!!!! HOOORAYYYY!!!! My new growth has been a serious BITCH, since about 7 weeks. I was looking at relaxing at 10, if not 9 weeks. I shut down for a few weeks, simply washing and DC' I am back in the game...IDK if I will stretch for 20 weeks, but I will go for 16 :-)...IDK, I am also thinking about braiding my hair in cornrows and and stretching my wash days to every two weeks....but anywho, back to the original intention of this blog.

So as my newgrowth is growing, becoming thicker, I think for my next wash (Sunday 2/11/12) I will wash it in sections. This last wash, I just felt like I could not get to my scalp good with out tangling my hair up something terrible. Oh BTW, I just clarified March 1, so I am good to cowash for the rest of the month. Anywho, I will be washing my hair in sections to easily access my scalp without havng to fight through all of this bush at once lol.

Followed by an oil rinse with coconut oil; which I plan to sit under the dryer for 45 minutes. (I will apply the oil by sections as well)

Rinse the oil with warm water, run through with Mizani Moisturefuse, and rinse with cold water.

I will then apply Mizani D'Tangle leave in, followed by Paul Mitchell Super Skinny.

Don't know if I will air dry or blow dry; depends on time available I suppose.

Oh yea, I will resume using castor oil as well...when I tell ya Feb I totally dropped the ball on my hair...I TELL YA but I am back in action so let's GROW GIRLS!!!!!

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  1. I'm stretching for 16 wks also!! I'm 8 wks post, u really should try my "concoction", it works as far as loosening up your new growth. I can actually feel my scalp, if you want to try it let me know so I can give you the recipe... Hope your washday goes well...