Friday, November 11, 2011

My Hair Obsession....

I was recently confronted about my blogging and "hair obsession", so while this my be a rant, it can also be a clarity for any others who have questions or built up opinions on my outlook & obsession about hair.

Anyone who has read my story knows that I was relaxed at a very young age. My whole life I've know my hair as relaxed (and that is the way I would like it to stay), you may also know that I was VERY uneducated on hair...up until starting this journey me, simply frizzy hair was a reason to get a me relaxing was the cure to to it all lol. So hair care AT ANY DEGREE is new to me...of course I am obsessed with the plethora of information that I am learning...and I blog because I want to share.

I was at my wits ends, and did not know what to do with my hair...I decided that I was going to cut it all all (if you read) should know that I was initially looking for for info on going natural when I found the relaxed hair care blogs. I was not going natural because i had this sudden epiphany or even because I wanted to...I was considering it out of frustration. So you guys for me, was my "hair heros".

I want to be that for some girl...some girl who doesn't know which way to turn, and then she see's a blog about relaxed hair care. You hear so much about the damage it cause, and you can be tricked to believe that with relaxers unhealthy hair, split ends, and breakage is inevitable....that is not the truth and I want to be your inspiration to that, you can be tricked to believe that going natural is the only way to grow your hair....I want to be proof that that is far from the truth.

I, by no means, have anything against natural hair...I will admit that I have called it a phase...bc to me when EVERYONE, starts doing something around the same time, because EVERYONE else is doing me that is a fad, something that will die out...and I do know quite a few women who have went natural and back relaxed...I am not sayin whether they were wrong or right, I don't put that much care into it, but I do feel like I should be able to have my opinion without being "attacked".

How can you really debate whether the natural hair movement is a fad or not??There is no point in arguing with that, you have your opinion, and I hold mine...let's move on.

If any of you follow me on Twitter and see that I mention it, it is usually after I have been involved or lurked through a few debates in one of my many hair forums...what I have learned is that (well what I am guessing at is...) relaxed hair women seem to think that naturals view them (us) as inferior, and they feel like we view them as inferior. I seem to see my backlash from naturals directed towards relaxed hair more than anything...but I could be wrong (IDK). Again, I really don't care. Relaxed or natural if it works for you and it's growing, then enjoy it. Hair is hair to put so much emotion to it, to me is just weird. As obsessed about hair as I am...if someone came ragging about how unhealthy relaxed hair is, I would simply overlook it, because it does not apply to me, but I guess not everyone has that outlook on it.

I guess the main thing that bothered me was the jab at my blogging and constant talk of hair, but if thats my obsession like it or not it is my obsession...and I will blog, fotki, facebook, tweet, all I please about MY hair and it's care, or any thoughts regarding hair in general.

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  1. Great post!! Glad to see you're doing you regardless of the naysayers.