Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Braid Challenge...

This is a personal challenge for me, I did not find this on any forums, but if any of you ladies would be interested in joining in, you are more than welcomed,or even offering suggestions or advice:-) Right now it is me all by my lonesome, but I plan on doing this so if any of you wanna peep in and motivate me lol, be my guest.


*Clip Ends
1. Take Before Picture
2. Wear Braids (Box, micro, or twist) from December 2011- December 2012
3. You may take rest periods to relax hair as needed
(but try not to go any longer than 2 weeks without braids)
4. You may do length checks during rest periods but do not post pubicly.
5. Take after pic :-)

I am doing this because I will be working and going to school full time, so this is to lighten up the load and make washing easier in between relaxers, as well as oiling scalp and such. I will have to research hair care with braids. I will not have time for all the styling and care that wearing my hair would need. and I know me, I get so bored with styles, so for sure this will be a challenge, but I am ready for it. If I could hop up and get some now I would lol. I tend to let my hair lead my attitude, short and choppy doos carry a quick bad girl type of attitude, curly more natural styles carry an innocent humble girl kinda tude, long hair don't care carry sexy girl fly girl attitudes lol, so to be in braids alllll the time, I will have to bring it out myself. I know I can style the braids too...and I will but nonetheless it will be a challenge. I just hope yall don't get bored of me. lol

With the DCing
and BTR (Black Tea Rincing) I am uber stoked to see my results for Dec. 2012. My goal is APL. I will be graduating nursing school in Dec 2012, and my goal is to graduate with honors, and wearing my hair down APL :-)) So I gotta make this happen!!!

I will be getting the braids, the first or second week of December :-) (If not the last week in November lol) so stay tuned :-))

and Hi to all my new followers!!! I will follow back.


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