Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving love muffins!!! Hope you all had a fab day =-) I know I did!! I worked last night so I got off and slept for about an hour or two, before woken up by hubster ready to hit the streets. We went to my aunts house and I laid out but really couldn't I am back at work :-/ Tonight will be a long night, geeesh, but I will make it I suppose.

On to hair news....I have been pretty consistent in my regimen. I have added tea rinsing twice a week to it. Which I honestly can't tell if it is working or not...I really think I do uneccessary ish to my hair. I can't say that I had excessive shedding before but I heard the tea rinsing would stop shedding completely. Which has yet to happen. I'm still castor oiling and massaging scalp, just relaxing and letting my hair do its thing. My plan is start my box braid challenge next week (EXCITED!!) So I will be posting pics of that. I should start looking for December goals, but I've been so consistent IDK what I could add, except to work out....which Im trying lol, hoping to start a kickboxing class so we will see. Just checking in with you ladies, hope you all had a good day!!! *muah muah muah!!!*

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