Friday, October 21, 2011

Just Another Updizate :-P

August to September is before I started the CO Challenge...September to October is 1 month in :-)) To me it seems as if I have experience more growth in Sept-Oct!! But I could be psyching myself out lol


Also I recently bought Cantu Shea Butter.... I got mixed reviews on it, but bought it on a whim so I decided to try far it is GREAT!!! Leaves my hair very well moisturized, and soft as a baby's bottom. I love it!!!

I am currently bunning, wore a wig for a week but it felt heavy and I just got tired of it. November I plan on getting a relaxer and taking Christmas pics with the fam, wearing my REAL HAIR!!!! Freshly relaxed and trimmed...OMG that will be a first!!! I think I will start using the CO 3x a week for a boost of a growth


IDK how many of you are on Facebook but if you are you should search for the group
HAIRLISTA it is so great, all the girls are amazing and helpful and I just love talking hair hair hair!!! :-)

Other than that that pretty sums up this update ladies....just sticking to my routine of cowashing/ DCing weekly, oiling scalp 2 times a week with a scalp massage and protective styling.

I have noticed that unless I have protien in some prods that I am unaware of, my hair really isn't protien hungry, all I do is cowash, shampoo once a month, and DC with Shea Moisture...and I have yet to go into moisture overload?!??? Im not complaining either :-)

How are your journies coming along listas???

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