Thursday, October 6, 2011


^^^^Look at all this damn shedding!!! Soooo I cowashed with HE/HH and DC'd with Queen Helen's Deep Cholesterol Tx mixed with castor oil and MOLASSES, I know I used too much molasses but IDK if it was the molasses period or if it was the amount that caused the shedding, but out of my entire HHJ, this is the 1 thing I did different and this is my results, I DC'd with it over it had plenty of time to make its self at home in my hair. You guys should have seen my shower...just pulling out hair :-( Good thing I have a head full of thick hair or I'd be in for some trouble!!!

I read that Molasses stops breakage, and while I was not experiencing any, that product junkie in me just had to test it out...curiosity killed the cat :-(

Oh well, now Im back to bunning until the next wash day....counting down my weeks until I relax her!!!

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