Thursday, October 27, 2011

OFFICIALLY NL!!!!!!! & A Relaxer :-)

Welp 1 of my October goals were to not give in to the relaxer....and I did. Relaxed on last Sunday 10/23/11. My aunt applied the relaxer (Silk Elements Megasilk, regular strength) and I combed it thru, because I don't trust anyone else to comb my hair. My mom then, clipped my ends and even'd up my progress is as above :-)

My relaxer got pretty straight with just enough texture you can see my back I am now OFFICIALLY NL!!!!! WOOP WOOP!!!! I will continue bunning and wigging until March (my next relaxer) I hope to then be full SL!!!!

Current Look...


  1. Congrats! You're well on the way to SL.

  2. Thanks Faye & Deb!!!! It's great to see progress!!! I'm following u guys blogs as well :-)) Thanks for commenting!!!