Saturday, March 22, 2014


So I finally broke down and gave in to the "Hairfinity" temptation! I was just curious, I am satisifed with my progress so far that I have made on my own, except for my damn trimming....BUT I left that in 2013 MOVE ON!
Anywho back to Hairfinity, I just started taking them about 4 days ago so this is NOT a review, I will do a review after a month on the product itself.
What I can say is that the shipment was pretty speedy. I ordered on a Friday morning, got reciept for shipment on Monday, they were in my mailbox on Wednesday! I used standard shipping, as well.
Also the pills, are encapsulated, as you can see in the picture above...I am HORRIBLE at taking pills, they are usually hard to swallow and often feel like they are stuck in my throat. I have experienced non of that with these pills so far. They go down easy peasy and I am not mad at that.
I have only taken them after eating, so I can not say if they are ok to take on an empty stomach. I took biotin on an empty stomach once and almost DIED!!!!!!!! I felt so nauseated that it hurt! Since then I have not taken the risk of taking vitamins of any sort on an empty stomach.
The day that I recieved the pills, I got my hair braided, as a protective style. I plan to keep them up for two weeks, and then do a mini length check and review at that time, but I will do another at the end of my second bottle when I have seen true results.
I am saving my "before" picture, for the length comparisons.
 If you are interested in Hairfinity vitamins the link to order is here.
Here are the ingredients:

Are there any side effects? This is the statement that you will find on their website:

"Hairfinity is a natural supplement and 100% drug free. At this time, there are no clinically proven negative side effects of taking these vitamins. "

However keep in mind that these are vitamins and as seen on the Supplement Facts most of them exceeds the daily value percentage, meaning that you are taking in more of that vitamin than your body requires. Taking them everyday could result in toxicity of certain vitamins which could cause various reactions dependant upon the individual and their tolerance or sensitivity.

Should you have any health problems or concerns, see your physician beforehand. Should you begin feeling side effects or symptons that  you think are related to the vitamins, stop taking them and see a physician as well.

So far I have experienced no adverse reactions, again have only been taking for 4 days, however a few complaints that I have read OTHERS experience are constipation, pimples, intensified migraines, and itchy scalp.



  1. I actually plan to give these a go once I stop breast feeding. I can't wait to see your results.

  2. Hi Shay, girl I agree with you with leaving the cutting in 2013, This is my second month taking Hairfinity so far so good. Look forward to your results!!

  3. I just bit the bullet and forked out for a month supply.

    Fingers crossed they work

  4. I've been taking hairfinity for 4 days now, and I've had a slight headache for the first three days.However,had a nasty migraine today. I've been taking two pills every morning after breakfast, but plan to take one in the morning, and the other during lunch time instead. If that doesn't work, I'll reduce the dosage to one a day, or stop using hairfinity altogether