Friday, March 21, 2014

Fitness Friday: On the Grid!!!

She is back at it!!! Clean eating, and 1st week of "30 Day Shred" down. My actual weigh in day is Monday morning, so I won't be able to say how it is going until then, but I feel pretty good about it. Jillian Michaels' work out is pretty GOOD!!! Which means it is challenging but not impossible, it isn't discouraging and it's a mix of everything and not to much of one thing.

Like with T25, certain days were set for cardio....there is such thing as too much cardio!! When your chest starts to hurt, you can barely breath, and you just want to I mean, yea I pushed past it, so it wasn't impossible either....but I will say those days it was quite discouraging and took A LOT of mental motivation to even "push play", simply because I knew the pain I was about to subject myself to!

Anywho "30 Day Shred" Level 1... is a pretty comfortable level for me,  5 days down, 5 to  go and then on to Level 2....I should at least check out Level 2 ahead of time and prepare myself, I always think the worst possible painful workout ever lol.

I decided to do the 30 Day Shred because it was a bit upsetting that I fell off weight wise, with T25.... I mean I can't blame the program, it was doing what it is designed to do.... I just wasn't doing my part. I was discouraged and thinking of starting ALL the way over with T25 was like "AHHHHHHHH!!! It is a 10 week program.

I wanted something quicker, more simple, something that I felt like I could do. Not to say that I could not start over with T25, but the whole 10 weeks to complete upset me, so I decided to do 30 Day Shred. It says to lose up to 20 lbs in those 30 days....I am not expecting that, but if I can just get back to where I was when I finished the Alpha round of T25 (152 lbs) that would be great!

One thing I am trying to do is cut back on the wine....SHE HAS FOUR KIDS....SHE NEEDS WINE!!! Yea she needs to lose these last few pounds too, get it together! LOL

Anyway in conclusion I have realized that eating better, makes me feel better...eating like a fat ass makes me feel like a fat ass....and who wants to feel that way? Why do that to yourself

That about sums it up!! Feeling hopeful, motivated and determined YAY!!!!
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  1. Get it girl, you can do it. I did the 30day shred and I toned up lots, I wasn't eating any different so I didn't lose any weight but I am sure you will be successful with eating clean/training dirty. Look forward to your results. :)

    1. Yay!!! I'm glad to hear that you got results from the 30 Day Shred even without changing your diet. It gives me hope! Lol

  2. Good luck with your 30 day challenge! I feel you about challenges that take a lot lot lot mental power to push play 'INSANITY' is my everest!
    Good luck on the win cust down, I need that too :(