Friday, March 28, 2014

Fitness Friday: Smoothies vs Juicing

Hey all! It is Spring Break...I worked out maybe twice this week. Most of my workouts take place at home....working out at home with 4 kids (5, bc my 7 year old sister was over all week), is a joke. Ok, that is really an excuse, I could have exercised while they were outside playing, but I didn't. I was Spring cleaning...No I really was!

Anywho, I will go hard, next week. In the mean time, I was considering juicing for weight loss.

What is "Juicing"?
Juicing fresh fruit and vegetables works by providing the body with a vast array of living, vital nutrients in a form that it can easily absorb, because juicing breaks down or eliminates the fiber in fruits and veggies.
 Juicing also helps to cleanse the body of toxins and assists in its processes of repair and regeneration.

Is Juicing better than Smoothies? 

It is almost impossible to say one is better than the other, they both are great and healthy choices. Let

Juicing Pros
  • Without fiber, you can really load up on some nutrients. You can only drink so much, without fiber taking up some of  the volume, leaves room for more nutrients!
  •  Easier to digest than eating whole fruits and vegetables

  • Juicing eliminates fiber. One of the health benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables is to increase your source of heart- and digestive-healthy fiber.
  • More expensive by volume. For example, if you made a 1-quart smoothie you might use 1 cucumber, 1-2 bananas, and 1-2 handfuls of greens plus some water. But a quart of green juice you might use 2 large cucumbers, ½-1 bunch of celery, an entire bunch of dark leafy greens, plus 1-2 handfuls of herbs.

Because smoothies contain fiber, which is filling, making you feel full, they are a super healthy, low-calorie meal replacement.

Between drinking a smoothie, as a meal replacement, and getting in a good amount of water during the day, you should never really feel hungry. That is my plan for the next few days.

Also in the plan is cutting of fast food PERIOD!
I always rationalize what I am getting (i.e. salads or wraps), or try to negotiate caloric intake per meal. Well I realized that fast food joints are not just wrecking havoc on my hips, but my wallet as well.

All today I craved a Wendy's salad...all day I had to remind myself NO! The old me would bargain with the inner fatty lol, I'm having to train myself to shut her down, she is spoiled, she is manipulative, and she has been having her way for to long.

These #FitnessFriday posts, are really keeping me focused. Even when I feel discouraged, I write, and realize that it is only one step at a time, one day at a time, and everyday that I make an effort, is one day closer to my goal." title="Fitness Friday">

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  1. I love to just eat my raw veggies. Great post.

  2. Okay, cleaning IS exercise...really! So don't beat yourself up. For me smoothies always wins because I hate the extra expense and CLEAN UP involved with juicing! I am so bad with that. I hate cleaning my juicer! lol