Friday, February 28, 2014

Valentine's Day Hair!!!!

So some of you may be aware that I had special plans for Valentine's Day, which also included getting my hair professionally done, as I never allow anyone to do my hair.  Soooo any I washed my hair the night before, detangled it in the turned into this:
A mess right, so I moisturized it, sealed it, and just tossed it into a bun. Well when I got to the beautician, I learned that she would be working out of her home, which to me was no problem, as long as I look equally as fabulous right???

Well being at her house, of course she had to wash my hair  in her sink....I should have just opted out of the washing, but I requested a "Silk Out", which someone explained to me as having to use certain products, so I assumed that she had to wash my hair with her products specifically for a silk such thing.  I guess us country folk, refer to a "Blow Out" as a "Silk Out", because that is what I got.... but back to my rambling...I  got a bit confused/embarrased because she seemed to be having a hard time combing through it ...and so she asked "Did you not detangle it?" This was after, she had washed it in the sink...."Uhmmmm Yea, I detangled it yesterday after washing it." Of course, I did just toss it  in a bun and perhaps it  became a bit tangled by that, but also didn't I just hold my head upside down under a sink? Would that not cause it to tangle a bit?

Her attempts at detangling, was not with a wide tooth comb...I mean I know that no one will treat your hair the way that you do....but still I was a bit troubled by that....I felt like my hair was hurting :-(  I felt like....I always do, when I let others do my "This will definitely result in a set back"
I'm just paranoid.

Also....WE (Hairlistas) know not to really manipulate the hair while it is soaking wet, beauticians of course being pressed for time just that was pretty nerve wrecking...then as it gets a bit drier, she says "The more it dries the easier it is to comb through...." NO DUHHHHHH.... but I can't say that can I?

Anywho...after the blowing out process...Which I will say...that I am not bashing the beautician at all. I realize that when I blow my own hair out, I even recieve some sort of breakage (hair on the floor)... and I just know how to manipulate my own hair...of course even better than a beautician who's first time is touching my hair...when I do it weekly!

Anyway, after that was over, the straightening part was a breeze. No complaints....well there is one, she did put some serum on my hair, for frizziness, I did not see that it said anything about thermal protection. She then suggested that I do the same, flat iron on "naked" hair so that, it will be light and flowy..... I can try to omit the moisturizer, perhaps I am a bit product heavy on my hair, maybe I can spritz with a leave in conditioner and then seal with Grapeseed oil, lightly applied, since Grapeseed oil is a heat protectant in itself.

Anywho, down to the nitty gritty...after my hair was done ...I of course had NO complaints!!!!

Hubster and I went and took  pictures outside, the wind was blowing and my hair was allll over the place, it probably wouldn't have hurt to be a bit there such thing as too wouldn't even hold any curls!! But as I said before, I had no complaints! My last relaxer was in November, but she had me feeling like I had a fresh BONE straight perm! WOOP WOOP!

Here are a few pics from Valentine's Day <3

We took professional photos, then went to dinner, and ended the night with painting!! It was a lovely day if I must say so! I am soooo late writing this post, but thanks for reading anyway :-*


  1. The end results are beautiful! I'm with you I always cringe when I let my beautician style my hair lol.

  2. You look absolutely stunning. She did a fabulous job on ur hair!