Friday, February 28, 2014

Flashback Friday

Just looking back on the beginning of my journey and now.

How do I feel about it... I feel like I trimmed waaaaayyyy to often in 2013 trying to achieve that perfect blunt shape....which I still do not have!  So I definitely believe that that played apart in my slow (appearing) progress (I have been APL FOREVER!) ...I should be BSL by now, but I shall not complain! I remember believing that it would be impossible for me to even reach APL and look at me now!!!

I hope to achieve BSL by the end of the year at least. I need to get back to using my Liquid Gold!! All of this wearing my hair straight, kinda held me up from using that as well. It's growing season for me!! But to all the newbies who may stumble across my humble little blog, please no matter the number of set backs you may have, this is not a race, just remain consistent and do what works for YOU!!! Don't let anyone convince you that they know more about your hair than you do.

One thing I kept reading, when I myself was new: "Listen to your hair. It will let you know what it needs."


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