Thursday, February 27, 2014

HeatLESS Curls!

Soooo apparently I suck! No updates what so ever...BUT I kinda have a good reason :-)
I was enjoying my hair...for pretty much the entire month of Feburary, my hair was straight...when it is straightened, I do very little to washing of course, and very minimal product usage.

I was however beginning to become bored with my hair, as it is either in a braid out or bone straight.
I do not know how to roller set my hair so it is rarely left with any body, when straight. Any who upon searching on Youtube, I learned how to achieve some sexy heat less curls using flexi rods!

I was in hair heaven!!! I re-rolled the curls each night, it was really easy, and most times I did not comb through, finger combing was enough. Anywho, I could have kept it going for ever, but uhhh eventually I had to wash my hair.... and when I did...

It went from this:... to this:.... but that is a whoooole nother post :-)