Thursday, December 5, 2013

NHR: #TeamFit

Ok so yall know that I just had a baby....HER IS 4 MONSH OLD NOW (that is my poor version of baby talk written out)

Well the last picture is the whole crew. The 3 boys are mine, the older girl is my little sister, lol, just turned oldest son is 7 :-/ He'll be 8 in January lol, she just turned 7 last week. Anyway there is a look at Paisley and her crew, now on to the point lol.

Needless to say, I am trying to get back in shape. Well I only gained like 22 lbs during the pregnancy, all of which I have lost...but my weight seems to be teeter-tottering...I am now seems that I will get down to 153, and get stuck -_-....So I know I have to push myself harder when I get back down to 153...Oh yea...I get stuck at 153, then hop back up to 157 some kinda way lol.

With that being said, not only do I want to lose weight, but I want to transform my body to look a way that it never has before, athletic.  I know it will take a lifestyle change, one that I am not completely ready for, but is willing to try.

Now that I say all of that I will say that I am on Day 3 of T25 with Shawn T. T25 is series of workouts developed by Shawn T. each workout is 25 minutes long, but extremely intense!!!

My initial reaction to Days 1 and 2 were "huh...this is feasible, it works you without defeating you." Well on to day Day 3...I WAS DEMOLISHED!!!!!

 I will admit that Total Body Circuit (Day 3) was a killer! I had to do A LOT of the modified versions and I felt like a little bitch lol. I was tired, out of breath, and I wanted to quit! But I had to remind myself that just because I am not perfect at it, does not give me the right to quit. If I try, I can only get better...If I quit, I will never get better...Literally had to prep talk myself through it the entire time.

I will do updates ehhh every week or every two weeks. If I find myself slacking then I will update weekly just to motivate myself to go harder. If I am doing pretty well, I will update bi-weekly hopefully to show some progress :-)

My goal for December is just to remain consistent with T25!!!
This is me now (taken on Dec 1)...hopefully you will see a smaller version in 2 weeks :-)

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