Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Product Review: Liquid Gold Sulfur Based Hair Growth Oil

Hey lovies!!!! Today's review will be on Liqiud Gold. This product is available at & can be found at I got the 4oz for $9.95 + shipping probably took it to $13 I think. There is also an 8oz for $16. 

Shipping was pretty quick! I ordered on Thursday night & had it by that following Tuesday. 

There are some complaints about the smell, to me it smells minty. I have no problem with it, my husband HATES it. 

The consistency is a bit thin/runny so a little goes a looong way. I just take the nozzle, squirt in a few areas, then. Massage my scalp to distribute it all over. 

The suggested regimen says to protective style & apply the oil every other day.

I do apply it every other day, but did not protective style.  On to what you guys are most interested in...
Did it help any??? Did it work??
The pic on the left was right after my trim on October 8, the pic on the right was yesterday! I think it's safe to say that it works & is very well worth it!!



  1. I been use liquid gold hair products June 14 2014 my roots is growing crazy I'm doing natural with my hair I use liquid gold hair growth oil sulfur based in 19 days and I'm about to receive my 2nd bottle July 9 2014 so I have liquid gold oils grow my hair healthy, longer, and stronger it does work I'm keep on using this liquid gold product to get my results