Saturday, November 30, 2013

Relaxed Hair Journey: What Should I Do???

This weeks topic I would like to shift it from products to "technique." You could use the healthiest, most expensive products around, but your hair will not flourish without the proper regimen and care.

The basics of maintaining healthy relaxed hair, is to balance moisture and protein. That is it in a nutshell.

All that means is to implement measure that will promote hair moisture such as daily spritzers, deep conditioning, oil treatments, ect.

Methods of adding moisture to hair:

  • Deep Conditioning
  • Spritz
  • GHE
  • Baggy your ends
  • Oil Rinses
  • Moisturizing Hair Lotions

Implementing most of these in your daily,weekly, or monthly regimen, then you will need to balance the moisture out with a protein treatment.
When you fail to moisturize your hair properly you may experience what is known in the world of hair journies as " Protein Overload".

Signs of Protein Overload:
  • Excessive dryness
  • Stiff hair
  • Hair that breaks off easily with little to no effort
  • No Shine
  • Hard Hair
  • Rough Hair

  • Likewise, if you moisturize so much, and fail to maintain your protein balance, you will end up in Moisture Overload

    Signs of Moisture Overload:
    • Hair feels mushy
    • Stretch excessively then breaks off
    • Stretch excesively and does not return to normal length.
    The remedy for moisture overload is much quicker and easier than that of protein overload.

    To correct your hair in "moisture overload" you will simply need to perform a hard protein treatment. Generally one treatment will be enough, and you should be able to return to maintenance level; where as with "Protein Overload" it will take time, and several moisture treatments to correct hair balance.

    In addition to maintaining a proper balance between moisture and protein, a great way to grow your hair out is PROTECTIVE STYLES!!!!!

    Protective Style is simply wearing your hair in a way that hides your ends, or "protects" them from the environment.

    Common Protective Styles are:

    • Braids

    • Wigs or Sew ins:

    • Or simply Buns or Bantu Knots.

    Keep Hair Cleaned, Moisturized, Strong (protein), & Protected and you are on your way to long healthy hair!!!

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