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The Hair Journey: Where To Start: Choosing Hair Products Part 1.

So beginning this blog and my own hair journey, I began just journaling my own journey. I was posed with the question "Where do I start?", after going back to my older posts, I realized that I was pretty much all over the place, trying to find my niche.  Referencing her to any one of my older posts would be no help at all.

With that being said I decided to make a post dedicated to those who want to start and have no clue.

If I begin using terms that you have never heard of, such as cowash, APL, EVOO, or any of the sorts, no problem....just click here.

SO..You want to grow your hair long??? Now what?

One of the first things that someone will ask is "What products do you use?" Now let me say it is not really the products that GROWS your hair. Your hair will grow regardless, the products assist with manageability and length retention. So keep in mind products that are heaven to one, may not always be the same for others. Instead of getting into specific hair products, I will talk about common ingredients, and what they do.

First I will talk about MINERAL OIL.

What is Mineral Oil?
Mineral oil is a clear, colorless, odorless, petroleum derivative. It's chemically similar to petroleum jelly and is produced in heavy and light grades, or viscosities.

What is it used for?
It is commonly used in beauty products, including hair products.
Is it good or bad?
Well that is a personal decision.

Pros of  using Mineral  Oil?
Like many types of hair oil, mineral oil will lock in moisture, prevent frizz, and add shine to the hair.

Mineral oil will define curls and improve the appearance of hair without leaving behind an oily film.
(Keep in mind, what "oily" feels like is relative to the user, and how much of the product is applied.)

Because it is a lubricant, it is great for detangling.

Cons of using Mineral Oil?

It attracts dirt, so after 2 or 3 days of use, you will need to wash your hair.

If you are a "co-washer" this is not the oil for you, it is a thicker oil, that can cause build up, so you will need to use a sulfate free shampoo, and clarify hair more often, than with any other oil.

It's molecules are to big to penetrate the hair shaft, therefore this oil, alone does not moisturize your hair.

The reason that it locks in moisture, and prevent frizz so well (as listed in Pros section) is because it coats the hair, locking in any moisture that you have previously added... YOU MUST moisturize before using mineral oil. Like it prevents moisture from leaving your hair, it also prevents moisture from being added to your hair (which prevents frizz).

When used carelessly mineral oil can cause hair to become dry, and cause breakage, because it gives the illusion of healthy moisturized hair... from the coating, however again, this oil is not moisturizing.

So Now What?

Now that you know what mineral oil is, what it does, and a few pros and cons of usage. Now you can make a conscious decision as to whether you want to include this ingredient into your regimen.

There are some women with thriving hair that avoids mineral oil like it's the plague.
While there are, too, some women with thriving hair that shamelessly use and encourage the use of mineral oil.

Like anything in your hair journey, this will be trial and error. Maybe you will say that, mineral oil is no different than any other oil, only to find that it does not agree with your hair...Or perhaps you decide not to use it, then one day try it and absolutely love it!! Whether or not to include it, is 100% up to you. There is no right and wrong.

I only brought it up because a LARGE amount of hair products will include this ingredient, and upon "searching" for tips when starting a hair journey, I am sure you will run across some who are against it, and some who are for it, it can be quite overwhelming when you are wanting to do right by your hair by all means, and don't know which way to go.

Try it, and listen to your hair. Don't force products that it doesn't like.
"Listen to your hair", funny that line shows me just how far I have come. I remember I began searching, and almost every blog post said "Listen to your hair"...mann how I wished my hair could literally talk to me, because I had no clue what that meant or how I would go about doing it. LOL, now it is like second nature and the minute, I use something that my hair disagrees with, it lets me know!!! So with that being said, you may start off dibbling and dabbing into everything...and you may not know what your hair likes or not...but just hang in there, it's a process!

just a peek of my progress...That bun life :-)

Back to using mineral oil, if you choose to use it or not, moreso if not then you want to be aware of the ingredient lists on your products, because as I stated before, mineral oil is used in A LOT of hair products.
So where do I stand on the matter???
Keep in mind it's 100% personal, and should not make you feel one way or the other. Before my hair journey I had no hair care knowledge, let alone a regimen. I came in green, as some of you may. When reading on it, I made a personal decision not to use mineral oil, and I have stuck with it. Yes I am that girl, that stands in the hair aisle reading the ingredients on the list, and I will put it back on the shelf if it contains mineral oil.
There is one more thing you should know....if all of the ingredients look yummy except that dreaded mineral oil, depending on where it "mineral oil" is listed on the ingredients,I may go ahead and get it.
Don't know what I mean on "Where" it is listed in the ingredients?
If you will look at the first picture that I have above, you will see that mineral oil is listed first. That means that 79% of that container is mineral oil.
To learn more about the order of ingredients and why it here.
So in short, I try to avoid using mineral oil, but I am not totally afraid of it. Whenever I use it, I make sure to use a water based moisturizer BEFORE applying the product that contains mineral oil, just to be safe.
Now this has totally turned out to be longer than I expected it to be. In order to not lose you or bore you out, I will continue in Part 2, talking about a few other oils and what they are good for!
In the mean time, I have a list of other names used for MINERAL OIL!!!
Homework: Look at the ingredient lists on some of your products that you already have and tell me what you find... COMMENT BELOW!!!!

Other Names for Mineral Oil

















Carnea 21



Hydrocarbon oil

Adepsine oil


Cable Oil

Baby Oil



Triona B





Bayol F

Crystol 325


Bayol 55






Primol 355

Primol D

Tech Pet F


Lignite Oil


Mineral Seal Oil

White Oil


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