Sunday, November 24, 2013

...and the Best Protective Style Goes To!!!!

Yayy I finally figured out how to do the flat twists, tightly and neatly!!
Things I love about this hair style?

Low manipulation

This is done on old (maybe 1.5 week flat ironed hair). All I had to do was moisturize, I spritzed with a water & oil concoction and finger detangled. I only used a combe to do the side part, other than that, no combing utensils were used.

If done properly there should be very litte to no breaking! It was just that EASY!


I am currently on day 2. After work, I wrapped  a satin scarf over it, and went to sleep. I woke up, and when I took the scarf off, I needed no touching up, still looked like yesterday. I just had to tighten up a few bobbie pins and I was good to go!

 I actually didn't take the scarf off until I made it back in to work. It is freezing outside, wanted to keep it wrapped up to prevent drying.


I love that I can wrap it up in a satin scarf to further protect it...and simply take the scarf off and wa-la that is it.  So I can walk around the house and look decent, in case anyone just pops up, they can't catch me looking ratchet. Also my husband can't get tired of me looking like Ms Ceily with the four plaits, or Aunt Jamama with a bonnet on.

One thing that I have always hated with wigging, is that I can sometimes, get lazy with my own hair.
It can become dry, and not only that, it does not usually give me the benefit of looking cute without the wig on. I don't always feel like putting on a wig when taking the kids to school or picking them up, and this style gives effortless cuteness. I love it!

Now this is day two.
I will probably squeeze one more day, if not two in. Ultimately that will equal out to how often I usually manipulate my hair when wigging, because I try to cowash 2x a week, especially now that it is cold out. I hope to retain great length with this quick and easy style. I hope it will be as easy to do on my true texlaxed texture as well.

Do YOU have a go to style?
Favorite protective style?


  1. This looks great, I need to learn how to flat twist since I need to come up with some styles for my daughter, two pony tails ain't working for her anymore lol

    1. Awww how old is your daughter? It took me a few practices to nail this. I'm not very good at styling lol it's a process!

  2. This style is super duper cute! Here's my go to fave bunless protective style:

    KLP | SavingOurStrands